In the 36th round of the Premier League that ended early this morning,Liverpool lost to Arsenal 1-2 away,Swallowed the first defeat in the last 4 rounds of the league,At the same time because of the league points after 36 rounds“only”There are 93 points,This seasonLiverpoolAlso missed to break the 100 points record set by Manchester City in the 17-18 season.Arsenal did not send all the main players in this game.Liverpool have an overwhelming advantage on the scene,But too many mistakes,The accuracy of hitting the door is also a bit worse.Arsenal seized the opportunity to reverse and win.

Mane scored a goal for Liverpool

  Liverpool lose to Arsenal 1-2

  Liverpool VS Arsenal is the highlight of the 36th round of the Premier League.Liverpool took the initiative in the start,In the 20th minute of the game,Mane broke the door first,Liverpool leads 1-0, Van Dijk made a mistake in 32 minutes.Lacazette hit the empty door,Arsenal equalized the score,Nelson’s goal in the 44th minute helped Arsenal achieve a lead.Liverpool’s offensive continued in the second half of the game.But I was always a little bit lucky,A few shots were missed,In the end, Liverpool had to swallow a defeat away.

Arsenal players celebrate a goal

  Arsenal did not send all the main players in the match against Liverpool.Aubameyang, Mustafi and others did not start,Liverpool played all players,Strength crushes opponents,This point is also reflected in the data.Liverpool’s possession rate is 70% to 30%,The number of shots 24 to 3 is 8 times that of the opponent.The number of shots on target is also 4 times that of the opponent.Data such as corner kicks and free kicks are all leading by the Reds.howeverArsenalTake advantage of active fighting,Double the number of steals than the opponent,And grasped every rare shot opportunity,Staged a small upset.

Liverpool missed to break Manchester City record

  Liverpool missed the Premier League 100 points

  After this game, Liverpool ranked first in the Premier League with 93 points.Even if the next two games have won the league, the maximum points can only reach 99 points.MissedManchester City100 points record in the Premier League.The current Premier League points record is 100 points set by Manchester City in the 17-18 season.The second highest is also Manchester City’s 98 points in the 18-19 season.In third place was Liverpool’s own 97 points last season.Although 100 points are hopeless,But Liverpool still has a chance to break the team history record and rush to the second place in the Premier League points record.

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