And Bayern Munich’s Champions League group stage,Tottenham1-3 defeat,Because I have already qualified in advance,Mourinho hid key players such as Kane and Ali,So the loss is expected.Erickson‘S performance was consistently criticized,He lost the ball 15 times in the game,The lowest score of the team was only 5 points after the game,It is clear,The Danes have no desire to fight,Just wait for the transaction.

Erickson is in a downturn

  And Bayern Munich’s Champions League match,Tottenham put out a pure training lineup,Eriksson finally got a chance to start under Mourinho.Just look at the data,Eriksson is not bad,He contributed the most 2 shots to Tottenham,There are 3 threats to the ball,Tottenham also has the most.But the media gave Erickson 5 points after the game.This is Tottenham’s tied lowest score.There is a key data that best illustrates the problem,As the core of the organization, Eriksson lost 15 possessions this time.This is the most of Tottenham’s frontcourt players.Objectively speaking,In this game, Eriksson did not play the role that the offensive core should have.

Erickson is criticized

  Former Manchester United star Fletcher said on BBC Radio recently,Eriksson no longer wants to play for Tottenham.“Eriksson no longer loves the club.He obviously doesn’t want to stay at Tottenham anymore.”Crouch also made a similar point.He said:“First of all,Mourinho looked unhappy at all.Erickson disappointed today,He needs to calm down,Otherwise, you cannot play.”Everyone can see,Eriksen is already in the state of Cao Yingxin in Han.


  As the former core of the Tottenham team,Eriksson’s role has dropped sharply this season,Since Mourinho took office,Two of the four Premier League games failed to appear.A rare start in this game,But played this kind of performance,It is estimated that it will be difficult to get reused by Mourinho in the future.Erickson may have entered the countdown to leave the team.

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