Arsenal in the 2003-04 season,Sitting on strong players such as Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, and Ljungberg,Plus Wenger coached well,The Gunners had an unbeaten record of 26 wins and 12 draws in the Premier League this season.In the 2004-05 season, Arsenal extended their winning streak to 49 games.Broke the unbeaten record in England’s top league.Storm Sports looks back at Arsenal’s undefeated season,Inventory of Arsenal’s unbeaten season lineup.

Arsenal unbeaten season lineup

  Arsenal undefeated season

  2003-04 season,Arsenal created the myth of unbeaten season,This season, the Arsenal League has an unbeaten record of 26 wins and 12 draws.Won the 13th Premier League trophy in club history,And in the following 2004-05 season,Arsenal still maintains an unbeaten pace,After beating Aston Villa 3-1 at home in October,Arsenal’s consecutive unbeaten games are frozen in 49 games.Broke the longest unbeaten record in England’s top league.The 49 games lasted 539 days,Arsenal scored 147 goals,Achieved 121 league points.

Arsenal win the Premier League title

  Arsenal unbeaten season lineup

  Arsenal can achieve such a great achievement,It is inseparable from the sincere cooperation of the players,ArsenalThe undefeated season lineup is as follows: goalkeeper Lyman; left back Ashley Cole,Central defender Kolo Touré,Central defender Campbell,Right back Lauren; midfielder Vieira,Left midfielder Pires,Central midfielder Gilberto Silva,Right forward Ljungberg; the forward position is partnered by Bergkamp and Henry.This lineup can be described as rear security and airtight.The midfielder is in control,The forward offensive is fierce.

Arsenal coach Wenger

  The end of Arsenal’s unbeaten record

  October 24, 2005In the 10th round of the Premier League, Manchester United beat Arsenal 2-0 at home,Arsenal’s 49 unbeaten record ended here.No one would have thought,This is the beginning of another awkward history of Arsenal.After winning the FA Cup in 2005,Arsenal hasn’t gotten any championships in 9 years.Until the 2014 FA Cup win,In these 9 years,Arsenal changed several batches of players,But it hasn’t improved much,Later Wenger also left the gunman,Arsenal’s next Premier League title is still in sight.

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