Since 1992Premier LeagueSince it is founded,The league championship is almost monopolized by the giants.Therefore,Only when Leicester City win the championship in 2016 will be so thrilling.So unforgettable.What happened in the Premier League back then,Leicester CityWhy can you win the championship?All this is worth reviewing.

Leicester City wins

  Internal reasons for Leicester City’s championship

  The season before Leicester City won the championship,As a newly promoted horse,The Blue Fox only achieved 11 wins, 8 draws and 19 losses.Ranked 14th in the Premier League,Relegation is strenuous,How dare to expect to win the championship?But changes are already happening,The owner of the team Vichai paid off the debt for the club in 2013.Leicester City can finally let go of signings and improve infrastructure,Lay a certain foundation for the championship.Ranieri’s arrival,It gave Leicester City the confidence to win the championship,His defensive counterattack tactics tailored for the team are simple and easy to use.It’s not particularly dependent on the personal abilities of the stars,It just fits a small team like Leicester City.

Leicester City players celebrating

  External reasons for Leicester City’s championship

  There is another important reason,Is the Premier League BIG6 collective diarrhea.Liverpool Manchester United are rebuilding,Arsenal and Tottenham always lose the chain at critical moments,Chelsea is in a downturn,Manchester City was mediocre,The quarter-finals of the Champions League that year,There is only one Premier League team in Leicester City.On January 23, 2016, the Blue Fox defeated Stoke City at home to occupy the top spot in the Premier League.At that time, their odds of winning were still as high as 1:1000.No one believes they can go to the end.But the miracle happened like this,Leicester City carried on to the end of the season,Won the championship by 10 points ahead of second place.

Merit Coach Ranieri

  The significance of Leicester City’s championship

  Leicester City won this time,The level of shock is unprecedented.Their players and coaches don’t make the most money.But it was definitely the most united and purest team in the Premier League at that time.No big-name players,No off-site lace,Some just love football.Leicester City won the championship,It’s a clear stream in this era of Jinyuan football,It has important guiding significance for the construction and management of small teams.

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