I have to say that few people pay attention to Leeds United,Most of them are local fans,Leeds United was also in the Premier League first.He even won the Premier League championship 3 times,Similar to the Community Cup and the FA Cup, I have eaten it all,And such a former strong team was regrettably relegated to the British Championship 16 years ago.Even in the past 16 years, he finally returned to the Premier League.I have to say that after the super successful this time,I didn’t even think about going back.

Leeds United performed very well this season

  Leeds United return to the Premier League

  Leeds United performed very well this season,In the English Champions League, Leeds United ranks first in the English Championship with a 90-point advantage this season.And scored 73 goals this season,Conceded 35 goals,Almost the best data for the English Championship team,andLeeds UnitedThe current midfield and forward reserves have also been completed,In the Premier League next season, there will be great development,The current trend of Leeds United is the same as Granada in La Liga this season.After the upgrade, Granada even beat Barcelona 2-0 at home!

This is also an important reason for the success of Leeds United Chong Super

  It’s an outbreak after 16 years

  Since Leeds United was downgraded 16 years ago,It can be said that the army is weak and morale is low.He was even in the middle and lower reaches of the English Championship team,Even in these years of campaigns, even the top 6 of the Premier League rarely entered.I was regretted not being able to qualify for the Premier League last year.And this season can be described as a full-blown explosion,Strongly won the British Championship and directly rushed into the Premier League,I have to say that Leeds United is in hot form this season.Success in rushing to the top will also allow the team to have a stronger performance!

I have to say that this is Leeds United’s return to the Premier League after 16 years

  About Leeds United’s return to the Premier League

  In fact, Leeds United is not like some other civilian dark horse teams.Leeds United have had a very brilliant record in the history of the Premier League.Overall, Leeds United is currently infinitely powerful.In the league and even in some cups, they have performed wonderfully,In the glory of Leeds United, he has won 3 Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup title, 12 Community Shield titles, 1 League Cup title, and 3 British Championship titles.Looking forward to the wonderful performance of Leeds after the Super League!

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