In the endThe Premier LeagueIn the 31st round,Manchester United vs. Sheffield United,Among them, Manchester United is home to Old Trafford Stadium.The most outstanding performance in this game was the young Manchester United player Martial.He completed a hat trick in that game,And led Manchester United to a 3-0 victory over Sheffield United.After this game, Manchester United also achieved an unbeaten record in the last 7 rounds of the Premier League.Manchester United’s Chelsea are only two points away.

Martial celebrates goal

  Under what circumstances did Martial achieve the hat trick

  The two sides of the game are Manchester United and Sheffield United,Both teams are actively working hard.The game showed the advantages and offensive strategy of Manchester United from the beginning.In the 7th minute of the opening,Rashford assisted in the penalty area,Martial took full advantage of the opportunity,Manchester United achieved a 1-0 lead.44 minutes,Martial scored twice to outflank the goal,So far Manchester United leads 2-0,Expanded the advantage.74 minutes,Rashford assisted again,Martial came forward to fight,Pulled the score to 3-0,Also achieved Martial’s hat-trick record.

Manchester United unbeaten in nearly 7 games

  What is Martial’s career background?

  This gameManchester UnitedTo be able to beat Sheffield United 3-0 is something that the whole team is happy about.And the happiest person is Martial.Before Martial hat-trick in this game,Manchester United has not been able to achieve a hat trick for seven years.The last time someone who could achieve a hat trick dates back to Van Persie in 2013.Van Persie also congratulated Martial after the game.Counting the three goals in this game,Martial has scored 19 goals this season.This season is also the most productive season since Martial joined Manchester United.The number of goals scored is indeed very proud.

Manchester United one step closer to the top four in the standings

  How did Martial react after the hat trick

  The hat-trick that Martial contributed to this game is something that the entire Manchester United fans and the Manchester United team are very happy and even excited.The last time we celebrated like this was 7 years ago,Manchester United fans have been waiting for this moment for too long.263 league games have passed since the last hat-trick,This game also means that Manchester United seems to have another super shooter with exceptional talent.Martial said in an interview after the game,This is my first hat trick,I am very happy,He thinks this is also a good start.He hopes he can continue to maintain this state,Create more miracles for Manchester United.We also congratulate Martial again for achieving the hat trick!

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