Manchester UnitedManchester City are two teams in Manchester,There is nothing more prestigious in this area than football,For those who love football,This is simply heaven,The fiery atmosphere of the fans,The friendliness of fans of the same teamOf course, there is no room for two tigers,One city is not called two kings,The grievances between the two giants in the same city will naturally cause the two fans to fight each other.Who is the king of Manchester anyway?

Manchester United Manchester City’s two Premier League overlords

  Manchester United Manchester City who has more fans

  I have to say that in this area of ManchesterManchester CityHas more fans than Manchester United,And in the world, Manchester United fans far exceed Manchester City,In fact, this is the feeling that some Manchester United newcomers are on the top.In fact, the earliest Manchester City was in this area of Manchester,And Manchester United is just a home field set up around Manchester,Later moved to Manchester,But in the past few years, the glory of Manchester United has gained countless fans.The rise of Manchester United actually happened at the point where the world pays more attention to football.This also allows Manchester United to have more than fans worldwide,But in recent years, Manchester City’s efforts have made Manchester City fans more than Manchester United fans.

Manchester United have won the Champions League three times

  Manchester United Manchester City who has more glory

  Manchester United has won 70 honors in major world events,Which won the Premier League championship 20 times,obtainChampions League3 times,And Manchester City has won 33 honors in major world events,Among them, he has won 6 Premier League titles.In contrast, you will understand why Manchester United has so many fans around the world.Too much glory.

Manchester City completely overwhelmed Manchester United in recent seasons

  Manchester United Manchester City who has more influence in Manchester

  Manchester United Manchester City’s influence in the Manchester area is still more influential than Manchester City.First of all, Manchester City is a local Manchester team.Second, Manchester City has risen in the Premier League in recent seasons.I got it last seasonPremier League Champions,Although Manchester United has a lot of glory in the past,But the performance in recent seasons is very unsatisfactory,Plus this season’s crash,If Manchester United do not work hard this season, they may not even be able to participate in the Europa League.As the saying goes, heroes don’t ask where they come from.Heroes don’t mention being brave in those days,No amount of past glory can compare to the new miracles created by the present and the future.

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