Why is Liverpool called the Red Army?Reds Liverpool,Whether it’s in magazines, news or live broadcasts,All I heard were Red Liverpool,But does this title have any special meaning for Liverpool?just likeReal Madrid’s Galaxy,The three dream dynasties of Barcelona,How did the Red Army title come to Liverpool?

Liverpool’s top lineup

  Why is Liverpool called the Red Army

  In fact, Liverpool fans used to call their team the Red Devils in the past.andManchester United is also known as the Red Devils,Manchester United was in full swing ten years ago,Directly overwhelming Liverpool’s Red Devils title,Later, Manchester United’s Champions League champion made the Red Devils a solid title.And Liverpool’s first home shirt was a blue and white jersey.In fact, Liverpool later called the Red Army,Because the legendary head coach of the Red Army, Xiang Keli, is an avid fan of the Chinese Red Army.Yes,Is the Red Army of 25,000 miles,I named myself REDS,Therefore, it is also called the Red Army by domestic fans.It’s amazing,At that time, the Red Army was describing Liverpool, who was not afraid of hardship.Has been moving forward steadily,Never give up even if I fail,In the end, their strength made them ranked first in the world.It is still the number one in the world.

Liverpool won the Champions League and conquered Europe

  Does Liverpool have a Premier League title

  The most regrettable thing for Liverpool’s top management, coaches, players, and fans is that they have never won a Premier League championship.Liverpool, at the peak of last season, was also taken away by Manchester City by one point. This has never happened before.And this season the Liverpool strikerSalah, Mane, Firmino fight for the league wholeheartedly,The huge point difference seems to have won the league championship,Liverpool will set a new club record this season,I will win my firstPremier League Champions.


  Liverpool’s former triple crown

  I believe many fans don’t know about this.Including some old Liverpool fans.I believe everyone knows that the greatest achievement in football history is almost“Triple Crown”,But 15 years before Manchester United won the Triple Crown,Liverpool has won the Triple Crown,It’s just that the top British league at that time was not called the Premier League.Under the leadership of Fagan, the Red Army at that timeHave won the League Championship, League Cup Championship and Champions Cup successively,He led the team to three championship trophies in his first season.This can be said to be a secret pass of the Red Army Liverpool!

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