After Guardiola’s years of training,In recent seasons, the Premier League tycoons Manchester City have gradually possessed the strength to aspire to the top of Europe.however,This team has suddenly encountered a major crisis now,UEFA announced on February 15th,Due to violation of the rules of fiscal fairness,Manchester City will be banned from participating in the next two seasons (20-21, 21-22 season) European competition (including the Champions League and the European Union).

  Manchester CityIt was originally just a mid-lower team in the Premier League,In the 130-year history of the team,This team only won two English top league titles in the distant 1937 and 1968.Compared to the rivals Manchester United,They always looked so bleak for most of the years.

  however,All this changed in 2008.Mansour, the son of the king of Abu Dhabi, UAE,Brought a huge amount of oil and gold to this team.In the next 12 years,Manchester City has a net investment of 13.15.5 billion pounds,This gave them 4 seatsPremier League ChampionsTrophy.

  In today’s world football,Money is so great,But it doesn’t mean that nobody cares.UEFA introduced a set of fiscal fairness rules in 2009,Its main purpose is to supervise the balance of payments of each club,And set the maximum loss range for these clubs,For example, clubs can lose up to 45 million euros during 2013-2015.Between 2015 and 2018 it was 30 million euros.

  As UEFA is implementing fiscal fairness,Will exclude the capital injection by the club owner,Therefore, big local tyrants like Mansour will allow their subsidiaries to inject capital into the club in the form of sponsorship.But this way UEFA is also looking at it.They will evaluate every sponsorship of the club,For example, a team’s chest advertisement sells much higher than that of a team of the same level.UEFA will determine the existence of fraud.And Manchester City is planted on this issue this time.According to UEFA’s report,Manchester City severely exaggerated the club’s sponsorship revenue in 2012-2016.

  After Guardiola led Manchester City to consecutive Premier League titles,Champions LeagueObviously it is the unanimous goal of the club.Especially for the club and its fans,They have longed for this European championship for a long time,Otherwise, how could they not hesitate to invest heavily in bringing in a large number of stars?In the UEFA Champions League for many years,They have high hopes for Guardiola, the coach who once led Barcelona to the top.

  Let Manchester City succeed in the European arena,This is obviously also stressful for Guardiola.And this pressure has accumulated for many years.Not long ago,Gua Shuai publicly stated in an interview,If this season’s Champions League loss to Real Madrid is eliminated,He may be fired by Manchester City.

  And now,Dismissal seems impossible!If Manchester City are finally ruled to be banned for two years in Europe,The initiative to continue coaching Manchester City falls on Guardiola.

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