After defeating Tottenham and Manchester City one after another,Manchester UnitedThe ranking rose to fifth in the Premier League,There was a joyous and peaceful atmosphere throughout the team.RashfordVery good condition recently,Consecutively scored key goals,Solskjaer was full of praise for his lover,Even compare him with Ronaldo.The next Manchester League process was quite easy,Efforts to reach the semi-finals can also be expected.

Rashford and Solskjaer

  Manchester United striker Rashford is in excellent form this season,21 games he played for Manchester United this season,Has scored 13 goals,Tie the best record of a personal career.Many Manchester United fans now look forward to Rashford going further,Some people even compared him with Ronaldo.Solskjaer said of this:“It’s easy to compare the two of them,Yes.Both of them have technology,body,attitude,Quality,all.Rashford has a chance to become the top player in the world,We hope that he can continue this momentum.”

Rashford performed well

  After winning Tottenham and Manchester City,The next Manchester League journey will be very easy,Opponents include Everton, Watford, Newcastle and Burnley.If you win,Solskjaer is expected to lead the team close to or even return to the top four.Currently they are only 5 points behind the fourth Chelsea,The Blues’ opponents in December include two strong teams, Arsenal and Tottenham.But once Manchester United faces the mid-lower team again, there is another accident,Solskjaer’s call for dismissal of get out of class will soon rise again.

Solskjaer is happy

  However, the senior management of Manchester United has once again reiterated its attitude towards Solskjaer.The owner of the club, the Glazer family, made it clear thatNo longer looking for a new head coach,And will give Solskjaer more support.Woodward waved his hand.Determined to invest funds in signing,Currently tentatively scheduled Atletico midfielder Saul and Salzburg striker Harland.Manchester United’s previous record against weak teams was not good.After this wave of trials,Can Solskjaer and his Red Devils regain the confidence of a strong team?

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