Liverpool isPremier LeagueThe top giants,Team history is full of honors,Completely worthy of the old rival Manchester United.Most fans know the Liverpool nickname“Red Army”,But many people don’t know,Liverpool has another nickname that doesn’t sound too elegant“Toilet”.Why is Liverpool called the toilet?How are Liverpool and the toilet related?There are currently two main theories,One theory is that the nickname of toilet comes from Manchester United’s mockery.The second argument is related to Liverpool legendary coach Bill Shankly.

Manchester United coach Ferguson

  Why is Liverpool called the toilet?

  The most widely spread aboutLiverpoolThe answer to the question why is it called the toilet,It has a great relationship with Manchester United.As we all know, Liverpool is good at defensively.And their old opponent,Manchester United’s meritorious coach Ferguson once described Liverpool’s defense as impenetrable like a toilet.of course,This is not a compliment,Rather, they mocked Liverpool’s overly conservative play.And it is said that the Liverpool area is rich in toilets,Their team badge is quite similar to the old-fashioned toilet,So it passed around,Liverpool won“Toilet”This is not a nice nickname.


  Why is Liverpool called the toilet?

  The above statement sounds more reliable,But I can’t explain why many Liverpool fans also call the home team a toilet.So we must know the second way of saying why Liverpool called the toilet.In the 1950s,Liverpool is at the lowest point in team history.Not only relegated to the second division,And repeated defeats.In a game,Morse, the then chairman of Liverpool, met a Liverpool fan when he went to the toilet.The two talked happily,Morse found that this fan knew the ball well.Soon it was decided to hire this fan asLiverpoolcoach.This fan is the famous Bill Shankly,The champion coach who led Liverpool back to the top.Know the story,It is not difficult for us to understand,Why do Liverpool fans call themselves the toilet,Also quite proud.

Liverpool players

  In addition to the above two statements,There are several answers to the question of why Liverpool call the toilet.For example, once Liverpool and Manchester United failed in a championship,LiverpoolThe player has no face to face the fans,Hidden in the toilet.There is another saying,The name of Liverpool King Dalglish inevitably makes people associate with the toilet.No matter how credible the above statement is,Liverpool has an unclear relationship with the toilet anyway,Although this nickname is difficult to be elegant,But it has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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