For the current Premier League,Every team has funding issues,Especially teams like Tottenham and Chelsea will have big moves in the transfer window this season.And other giants will also have corresponding transfer measures,For example, the Arsenal defender has a serious problem this season.After the arrival of the transfer, the guard line will be adjusted.The financial problems of the major giants will make the ownership of some football superstars have greater obstacles.

The Premier League transfer is about to open,This year’s transfer window is very lively

  The Premier League transfer window will open soon

  The Premier League transfer window opened on July 27,Closed on October 5th,This year’s summer transfer window will last ten weeks.This is also because of the impact of the epidemic,be withPremier League teamThe final time set after communicating with the English League team,At present, many players and giant teams can’t wait.Nowadays, the agents of many stars are very busy.Including Ronaldo and Bell.

I have to say that this season’s Premier League teams have all had financial problems

  Premier League teams eager to try

  For this transfer window,In fact, the most thrilling one is Manchester City.Manchester City was previously punished by UEFA and could not participate in the next two seasons of the Champions League.Not long ago, Manchester City successfully appealed,In the end, only fines have been lifted for the Champions League suspension.I have to say that Manchester City’s players were almost divided up by members of other clubs.At present, every Premier League team has a target star,It is worth mentioning that the Wolves team even wants to introduce Wu Lei this year.

The Premier League team’s signing goals this season are very clear

  About the Premier League transfer window

  There is fierce competition in the transfer window every year.There are even many unexpected job-hopping and choices of players,And this year is even more affected by the epidemic,Many teams have sold many of their players in exchange for funds for target recruitment.I have to say that this year’s Premier League transfer window is very volatile.Looking forward to the opening of the Premier League transfer window!

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