The current overall strength of Arsenal is also initially restored.But if you want to compete for the Champions League in the Premier League next season, you still need to introduce new blood.But as far as the current situation is concerned,Arsenal do not have sufficient funds,Especially Arsenal want to sell Niles in the team to raise funds.I have to say that although Arsenal do not value Niles very much,But the other two Premier League teams and even one Bundesliga team want Niles very much.

The current Arsenal are about to clean up their stars due to funding problems

  Arsenal prepares funds for signings

Now Arsenal is also focused on the arrival of the summer transfer window like many giants that have not entered the Champions League.butArsenalDoes not have sufficient funds,After experiencing the epidemic,The economy of the team was even more affected,Arsenal intends to sell Niles to raise funds.For Niles,Played 31 games for Arsenal this season,Scored 1 goal,Dedicated 2 assists.

Niles is one of them,And there are a lot of strong European teams want him

  Niles may be purged

It is worth mentioning that,Although Niles is not valued at Arsenal,But there are two Premier League teams and one Bundesliga team who want Niles,Even some low-level league teams,Among them, the strongest team that wants Niles is Tottenham.In fact, Niles’ system and style of play are even more of a panacea on the court.For Niles midfielder, defender, and forward seem to be manageable,So far, Niles is in a good position if he leaves Arsenal.

The current signings are also to prepare for the league next season

  Arsenal signing key points

The current focus of Arsenal is Atletico midfielder Thomas and Flamengo forward Gabriel.I have to say that these two stars are currently the key signings of Arsenal,But from the current Arsenal funding,You may also need to sell other stars to have the funds to buy the target star.But judging from the performance of these two stars in their respective teams,It may be very difficult to sign up successfully!