April 20,Is Luhan’s 30th birthday,Many people celebrate Lu Han’s birthday on this day,This also made Lu Han celebrate his 30th birthday,But the people celebrating the birthday include football superstar Beckham,His reality surprises people in many fields,Beckham celebrated Lu Han’s birthday, and countless children were covered with question marks.How did these two intersect?

Beckham still participates in many activities

  What happened to Beckham celebrating Lu Han’s birthday

In fact, Lu Han himself loves to play football.He also showed Lu Han’s football skills in variety shows before,On Luhan’s birthday,Luhan also donated a football field,not only that,Luhan stillBeckhamFans ofSo Beckham also celebrated Luhan’s birthday at this time,I have to say that Lu Han succeeded in chasing stars.

Lu Han is also a senior fan

  What influence does Beckham have for Luhan’s birthday

Beckham and Lu Han are two people in different fields.The intersection really surprised the fans on both sides.Of course this is a good thing,Beckham’s surprise on Lu Han’s birthday is more than a lot of blessings,After all, a world football superstar can celebrate his birthday,As a fan, I have to say that I am flattered.And Lu Han may also fight with Beckham on the court in the future,Looking forward to that day.

Group photo of Lu Han and Suo Shuai

  About Beckham celebrating Luhan’s birthday

Beckham has now turned from a player to the boss of the team.Beckham is still struggling for the football career,Although Lu Han is 30 years old,But still the face of little fresh meat,And Beckham broke a wall for Lu Han’s birthday.I also hope that the two people will have a deeper friendship because of this birthday in the future.Looking forward to their future struggle on the court.