In the early morning of December 5,MourinhoWill lead the team to Old Trafford to challenge Manchester United,Mourinho itself is topical,This time I went to my old club again,The game is full of highlights.But Mourinho was very low-key this time.Make it clear that you are notManchester Unitedenemy,And just want a victory.Solskjaer is very calm.Convinced that he is handsome and carefree.


  What Spurs said to Mourinho before the Manchester League

Now that Spurs took office after Mourinho,State quickly recovered,Manchester United is not doing well recently.Some people think thatMourinho’s campaign will usher in“revenge”Opportunity.but,Mourinho said at the pre-match press conference,“I am not a villain,Nor is it an enemy of Manchester United,I’m just a coach who wants to win the game.”When I came to Old Trafford as a guest commentator,Mourinho received a warm welcome from the fans,Now visiting as the coach,Mourinho said,“I can think that the fans would welcome me,But they will still support Solskjaer during the game.I hope the fans can temporarily forget me when the two teams play against each other.They should support Manchester United,Go for the result you want.”


  Solskjaer has also become one of the current Premier League coaches

After the former Arsenal coach Emery finished school,Manchester United coach Solskjaer has also become one of the hottest times for the current Premier League coach.And this game against Tottenham,It is considered likely to be the fuse for Solskjaer to dismiss his get out of class.

Solskjaer expressed his calmness about this,Suo Shuai said:“Woodward (Vice Chairman and CEO of Manchester United) and I have been communicating,So it’s not that we need an urgent, sudden conversation.We will communicate several times a week,We have always maintained this communication.We have made a reasonable plan,We all know that Manchester United’s reconstruction is underway,Together we will make some decisions that must be made.Of course,Our team is not satisfied with the status quo,But we will work hard.Worried about being fired?Do not,I don’t worry about this more.I will only focus on my work,I want to do my best,Focus on the next game and some long-term plans.”

Solskjaer has a solid position

  Solskjaer’s self-confidence is not blind

Solskjaer’s self-confidence is not blind,Think about it, everyone,The previous Manchester United record was so bad,The sound of get out of class is overwhelming,Solskjaer still sits firmly on the Diaoyutai.Presumably Suo Shuai does have a good relationship with the senior management of Manchester United.And yes, the senior people believe thatHe is a very important figure in the reconstruction of Manchester United.And even though Tottenham are doing well,But Manchester United sits on the home court advantage,Spurs are not small.