In recent years, the conservation clubs are all SPA matters for men and women.For various groups,Introduce a variety of different services more tailored to the needs of users.What I talked about yesterday was what kind of services the gentleman SPA will keep in health care.

Gentleman SPA’s Geranium Essential Oil Open Shoulder

This matter is in accordance with traditional conservation and treatment methods,Coordinate geranium essential oil to assist pressing,It can increase the display of garbage elements in the body and it can also restore the performance of the existing disease.Speed up our immune performance.It has a feasible effect for friends such as shoulder and back muscle stiffness, low back pain, mental anxiety, heavy business pressure, sitting in the office all day, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, poor absorption function, constipation, and poor lips color.

Foot massage has many benefits,Now you can see foot massage shops everywhere in the streets.We must find a professional foot massage for foot massage,Irregular massage not only does not know other benefits to our body.On the contrary, it will cause some damage to the body

Gentleman SPA Geranium Essential Oil Open Shoulder

Renal protection in gentleman SPA

The kidney is a very important system for the body and mind.Kidneys govern fertility,Is for: life element,Innate foundation.The kidney protection matters are based on the facts of meridian maintenance,Using pure submerged plant geranium essential oil to press the operation,Penetrates from the skin to the capillary system in the skin,Sometimes hot stones can be added to fit the enhancement of our skin,Make each meridian highly active,Enhance penetration of male hormones,Improve the penetration and recovery of male sex hormones.Wake up resistance,Get the effect of nourishing and strengthening the kidney,It also has the effects of comprehensively warming the meridians, promoting qi and blood, chasing moisture, and warming up the spirit.

Spring and Autumn Nourish Kidney Function Liver and Kidney Protection

Gentleman SPA face lightening SPA

Compressing through head therapy is the most effective way to relieve the stress of your career.According to the special pressing operation, there is also the vertical of geranium essential oil,Definitely let us relax.Geranium essential oil is volatile and easy to absorb,Press the length of adding geranium essential oil,You can adjust the psychological and individual performance,In addition, geranium essential oil will also balance head oil,It is also very useful for hair care.

Those friends will feel a strong pain when doing foot bath and health massage,Honestly speaking, this is a kind of reaction of our body function,If you really can’t stand it, let the masseur use lighter strength.After all, everyone’s pain cannot be the same

Gentleman Head Spa

Do not add alcohol during SPA,Do not drink alcoholic tea beverages.

Drink more water before and after SPA,Ensure nutrient filling.

You can take a hot shower before SPA,Let your individual relax and come down.Be careful not to get cold water~