SPA refers to the combination of water resources with the application of bathing, massage, care products and aromatherapy.To promote metabolism,Satisfy the human vision, taste, hearing, touch and smell,Realize the carefree enjoyment of body and mind.The atmosphere carefully created by SPA has a special sentiment: in the light and beautiful sound,

In a fragrant and elegant space,Enjoy the hand massage by the technicians,Suck the fresh breath of the plants in the forest.Everything is so warm and quiet,So that you forget all your troubles.
1. Balinese spa essential oil massage

The characteristic of Balinese spa essential oil massage is that people are in the house.Looking at the fresh and delicate outside the window,Listening to the gurgling water,This quietness may really be called the “Zen” meaning.In the antique pavilion,There is a vast and calm sea in front of me,The fragrance of flowers is in the air,My mind is like waves dancing,At this time, the body is completely immersed in the spa pool full of petals,Every inch of skin is in the most direct and gentle contact with water.Squint your eyes and enjoy the Bali traditional essential oil spa,Fragrant pure natural sesame oil and unique volcanic hot stones in Bali.

Faint fragrance,Has a special original flavor,Extract natural herbs, spices and minerals to refine essential oils,And use rice powder to remove skin keratin,Use banana or coconut oil to protect your hair,Use mother ginger to help blood circulation.Accompanied by the sounds of natural birds and waves,Feel the rhythm of your fingers on the body’s acupoints,As if all seven meridians and eight collaterals have been opened up,Let the body and mind feel unparalleled comfort,Completely relieve the tight body,The trivialities and complexities of the week have disappeared,Only the soul is left to realize the beauty of life.

2. Refreshing spa:

Refreshing summer wants to say goodbye to the confusion of shiny, enlarged pores and blackheads,Refreshing spa is a good choice.Refreshing spa breaks all previous operation modes of beauty and skin care,Use oxygenated water,Chemical oil,Oatmeal deep layer mask,Moisture and translucent cream, etc.,From cleansing and exfoliating to the end of all processes,Will make you feel the same comfortable feeling as the body spa,It can improve the oily, rough, blackheads and other conditions of your skin,Really replenish the spirit, promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, reduce sweat gland secretion, etc.Reproduce baby-like shiny skin.

3. Graceful spa

“Men’s spa” refers to the general term for men’s health care items that use hydrotherapy, anti-stress and decompression,It is improving men’s own taste and changing appearance.A unique situational physiotherapy program developed by Hua Yun iteratively.Promote smooth blood circulation,Restore metabolic function,Eliminates the body’s accumulation and toxins.

4. Chinese medicine project-back cupping:

Men’s professional health club,Traditional Chinese medicine projects must be indispensable.For example, cupping, Gua Sha and so on.The role of cupping is to dispel cold,Tong Meridian,Dispel evil fire.Because Chinese medicine believes,The disease appears because of the imbalance of Yin and Yang in the human body,When people encounter the intrusion of humidity, cold and heat, and dry fire,Yin and Yang will be out of balance,Produce congestion, evil fire, muddy water, etc.So cupping is a very suitable project for male customers.Because of the high work pressure of male customers,Often sit for a long time in front of the computer.Through cupping,Can dredge the meridians,Adjust qi and blood,Restore the health of male friends.

5. Popular items-kidney maintenance:

The role of the kidney,It goes without saying for men,It is the root of man’s life.If there is a problem with the kidney,Not only affects the sexual function of men,And it will cause other diseases to appear.Kidney maintenance items,It’s very popular in the men’s health club,very popular,Because it basically has no side effects,It follows the traditional meridian method, supplemented by modern medicinal essential oils,Then the beautician uses professional techniques toTo stimulate the body,Stimulate the secretion of male hormones.The main techniques are: point, pinch, knead, press and shake.Can fully detoxify the kidney,Improve kidney function.