As the health clubs almost always deal with different spa services for pure men and ladies,There are different levels of response,It is recommended to have a different service center that better suits the customer’s needs.In the past few days, what they are talking about is what kind of service centers will be available in all the high-end massage spas and health treatments.

Ginger essential oil for high-end massage spa

The business is the use of ordinary health care treatments,Assist ginger essential oil to assist pressing,Therefore, to enhance the list of unhealthy things in the body, there are also repairs to the performance of the disease.Promote the function of our immune system.It has feasible effects for students with swelling of the shoulders and backs, sore backs and backs, conceptual depression, high psychological pressure on the project, frequent sitting in the office, liver and kidney disease, poor gastrointestinal absorption, wind-cold headache, poor lips color, etc.

Foot massage has many benefits,Now you can see foot massage shops everywhere in the streets.We must find a professional foot massage for foot massage,Irregular massage not only does not benefit our body.On the contrary, it will cause some damage to the body

High-end people massage spa ginger essential oil open back

Renal care for high-end people massage spa

The kidney is an extra key organ of the cervical spine.Kidney governs reproduction,Is for: the source of life,Innate foundation.The kidney care business is based on the principle of tendon and collateral health careUsing pure green ginger essential oil to press the operation technique,Penetrate from the skin to the subcutaneous tissue capillary organs,Sometimes you can add hot stone to directly fit the skin to enhance it,Make most muscles active,Enhance the secretion of androgen levels,Promote the secretion and repair of male hormones of pure men.Increase resilience,Achieve the effect of nourishing and strengthening the kidney,It also has all the effects and functions of warming the muscles and collaterals, promoting qi and blood, eliminating dampness, warming and replenishing vital energy.

Years of health, kidney function, liver and kidney care

Forehead relaxation spa of high-end massage spa

Pressing head therapy is the most direct way to relieve psychological pressure.Follow the professional pressing operation technique also has the verticality of ginger essential oil,Certainly make us relaxed.Ginger essential oil is volatile and easy to absorb,Press and pour in the ginger essential oil longitudinally,Can adjust mood and physical performance,Besides, ginger essential oil can balance the oil on the head,It is also effective for hair care.

Some students think that it is a strong pain when they do pedicure and health massage.Actually this is some reaction of our body function,If you really can’t stand it, let the masseur use lighter strength,Because almost everyone’s pain is different

High-end head massage spa

Do not drink alcohol before the massage spa.Alcoholic desserts are also not allowed.

Drink plenty of water before and after the massage spa.Make up for facial moisture.

Before massage in the spa, you can bathe in water that is not too hot,Let my body come down easily.Don’t get cold water~