Manchester City has performed very well in recent years.Its luxurious lineup makes any European team frightened.In the early years, Manchester City can already compete with the European super giants Real Madrid, Barcelona and Paris.The current Manchester City has the world’s top combat power,Overall, Manchester City is quite strong.Manchester City also performed very strong after the restart of the league.It was a 4-0 bloodbath for Liverpool,And Manchester City has a new signing goal this season!

Manchester City is an ultra-luxury battleship built with heavy gold

  Manchester City sign Bournemouth Aker

  Manchester City spent £41 million to introduce Bournemouth defender Ake on August 6th of this season.I have to say that Manchester City is really big signings,In fact, on the whole, it is very worthwhile to introduce the defender Ake.Ake performed very well when he was at Chelsea.Is currently the world’s top defender,And the joining of Ake also allowedManchester CityThe lineup of guards is stronger,Overall, Manchester City’s current lineup is even stronger.

Manchester City spent 41 million euros to introduce Acre

  Manchester City’s wayward signings guard super 3.400 million pounds

  In fact, Manchester City’s wealth is not just talking about it.I have to say that Manchester City has spent 3.400 million pounds have hired countless top defenders in the world,Manchester City signed Danilo to spend 27 million pounds,Manchester City signed Stones to spend 54 million pounds,Manchester City signed Mendy for £51.75 million,Manchester City signed Walker to spend 47.43 million pounds,Manchester City signed Laporte for 58.5 million pounds,Manchester City signed Cancello cost 58.5 million pounds,Manchester City signed Angelino cost 10.8 million pounds,At present, Ake, who has just signed in, costs a total of 3.400 million pounds.

Ak is the world’s top defender,He had a wonderful performance at Chelsea

  Manchester City’s current form

  In fact, the Manchester City boss trusts the coach Guardiola very much.Many decisions are also made by Guardiola for Manchester City’s style and tactics.In fact, in popular terms, the boss pays for it.Guardiola chooses people,And these luxurious lineups also have a very exciting performance in Manchester City,Looking forward to Manchester City’s future performance!