LiverpoolHas countless fans in China,And many fans like Liverpool because of their head coach,Chinese fans like to call him affectionately“Uncle scum”,He is Klopp.Klopp has always been a head coach with a bias towards China.The merchants he interviewed said that Chinese people like to imitate others.So the fans’ evaluation of him is very polarized.Because of his beard full of personality,The fans who liked him gave it to“Uncle scum”Title.

Klopp is a very good coach

  Klopp doesn’t need Chinese fans what is going on

  Many fans don’t understand why Klopp doesn’t need Chinese fans.In the distant 2012,Was stillDortmundThe head coach of the team suddenly and inexplicably stated before the game with Bayern Munich that Dortmund would surpass Bayern Munich’s status in world football.And the team will achieve good results in the future,But for how many fans Dortmund has in China,He doesn’t care,So there is“Klopp doesn’t need Chinese fans”The argument.

Klopp is full of controversy at home

  Klopp said inexplicably that the performance of the team has nothing to do with the Chinese fans.This made it unacceptable to many domestic fans.Even inBayern MunichAfter defeating Dortmund,Klopp also made a slightly mocking expression“Bayern Munich now is just like the Chinese,They do what others do”,In Klopp’s eyes, Bayern is a“Plagiarism”Team,Although Klopp later apologized to the Bayern coach,But he also said that he is very happy now,At least no Chinese came to trouble him.

Klopp’s advice is very passionate

  Why is Klopp called Uncle Slag

  So why is Klopp called Uncle Slag?There are three main reasons,One is that Klopp, which we mentioned above, blatantly provokes the Chinese,The second is Klopp’s hot temper and weird personality.He often angered the referee during the game and caused himself to be fined into the stands.He will also celebrate after the player scores a goal that is more exciting than the player,The third is his shabby beard,Often stand unshaven on the sidelines directing the game.