Sun Xingyun is currently at the top of Tottenham’s effectiveness.The performance in Tottenham always surprises the fans.I have to say that Sun Xingyun has maintained his peak performance in recent years.There are countless wonderful performances in the field of the Premier League,In general, Sun Xingmin has the world’s top performance.I have to say that Sun Xingmin’s overall strength is a well-deserved Asian brother.And looking at the wonderful performance this season,Sun Xingyun even won four awards from Tottenham!

Sun Xingmin performed very well this season

  Sun Xingyun wins four Tottenham awards

  Sun Xingmin’s performance at Tottenham this season is excellent.Efforts will not be wasted,Sun Xingyu’s brilliant performance also won the team’s four awards.Sun Xingmin was named Tottenham Player of the Season,inTottenhamThe long-distance attack against Burnley was selected as Tottenham’s best goal of the season.In addition, Sun Xingyun was also elected as the best player selected by youth members and the best player of the season selected by fans.It has to be said that Sun Xingmin is a step up in the Premier League competition.

After the 37th round of the Premier League,Sun Xingyun wins four Tottenham awards

  Sun Xingmin is the pride of Asian football

  Sun Xingyun has the world’s top performance,It is the best in Premier League football,I have to say that Sun Xingmin is currently the star of Tottenham.Sun Xingmin can be regarded as the first in Asian football.I have to say Sun Xingmin’s highlight performance in the Premier League,Let other Asian players have no temper with Sun Xingmin,The number one throne in Asia has long been well deserved.

Sun Xingmin’s performance is the top in Asian football

  Sun Xingmin’s performance this season

  Currently, Sun Xingmin has played 40 games for Tottenham this season.Scored 18 goals,Contributed 11 assists,And in general,Sun Xingmin is currently ranked 17th in the Premier League goalscorer this season.I have to say that this is already a very good performance,It is even more brilliant in football,So far, Sun Xingmin’s peak is far from over.Looking forward to the wonderful performance of Sun Xingmin in the future!