Leicester City VS Manchester City game,Is one of the focus of the 27th round of the Premier League.The two teams are ranked second and third in the Premier League standings,The record is similar.Leicester City was very strong at the beginning of the season.But the team lineup is thin,Lack of financial resources,There was a significant decline in the second half of the season.Manchester CityThe performance this season is very different from last season.Has lost its dominance back then,Recently, it has been affected by the ban.Low morale.So this game is very important for both sides,Whoever wins will greatly boost morale.

Leicester City striker Vardy

  Fundamental analysis of Leicester City VS Manchester City

  The home team Leicester City once threatened Liverpool’s top spot.But now the dark horse is gradually fading.Leicester CityCurrently ranked third in the Premier League,The record is 15 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses.Scored an average of 2.1 goal conceded 1 goal.Leicester City have a balanced home and away performance,The home record is 8 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses.Averaged 2 goals per game and lost 1.1 ball.Leicester City has 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in the last 6 games.The performance is relatively mediocre.Recently, the problem of the lack of depth of Leicester City’s lineup has begun to emerge.This Leicester City VS Manchester City game will be a severe test.

Guardiola faces challenges

  The recent situation of Manchester City is not much better.So the Blue Moon game of Leicester City VS Manchester City may not be very sure.Manchester City is currently ranked second in the Premier League.Scored an average of 2.6 goals lost 1.1 ball,The offensive firepower is still fierce,But the defense has declined significantly.Especially in the away game,Manchester City have lost 4 games,Adding one in the first two seasons would have lost 4 away games.Affected by the storm of suspension,Manchester CityThe recent state is not good,In the last 3 games, only one win at home against West Ham United,Successively blocked by Manchester United and Tottenham.

Vardy and De Bruyne

  Leicester City VS Manchester City match analysis

  Although Leicester City and Manchester City have similar records,But the outside world still generally believes that the strength of the two teams is not small.The two sides played against each other nearly 6 times,Leicester CityOnly won one game at the end of 2018.But Leicester City’s performance is not bad.They only conceded 12 goals in 6 games,He also scored 6 goals,And only one game was sealed.Although Leicester City is affected by the lack of depth in the lineup,The recent record decline,But in the face of Manchester City in its downturn,But it may not be a disadvantage.Leicester City VS Manchester City match analysis believes thatLeicester City are at least unbeaten at home.