Has the Premier League been suspended?This issue affects the hearts of countless fans.so far,We haven’t heard of the suspension of the Premier League.Although the new crown epidemic has spread wildly in the UK,But the British government and people are very optimistic.The British government has been opposed to closing the stadium and canceling the game.But on Friday morning local time,Premier LeagueAn emergency meeting will be held to discuss issues related to the schedule,Given that Arsenal coach Arteta has been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia,So the Premier League suspension is only a matter of two days.

Arsenal coach Altat diagnosed

  Is the Premier League suspended?

  Some people have heard news about the suspension of the Premier League,But the suspension is a matter of time.along withArsenalCoach Arteta was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia,Premier League officials have stated that an emergency meeting will be held on Friday morning local time.Discuss schedule issues.If nothing else,We can hear about the suspension of the Premier League on Saturday.At present, most Premier League teams support suspension,Unwilling to see the game continue,Even a small number of teams believe that the Premier League should be cancelled this season.

Solskjaer supports suspension

  Why doesn’t the Premier League stop

  Premier LeagueThe main reasons for the non-stop competition are as follows.The first is that the British epidemic is not serious compared to Italy, Spain and Germany.The number of infections is relatively small.The second is the attitude of the British government towards the epidemic.Until now, the British government is still saying that wearing a mask is useless or even“side effect”,It is recommended that only people who cough or sneeze wear masks,Ordinary people just need to wash their hands frequently.And the British culture has always believed in“Don’t want to lose as a last resort, keep calm”,Therefore, many people did not take the epidemic to heart.

Leicester City coach calls for Premier League suspension

  Manchester United support suspension

  As one of the representative teams of the Premier League,Manchester United supports the suspension of the Premier League.Before the Europa League match with LASK Linz,Manchester UnitedCoach Solskjaer said Manchester United will support the suspension of football matches in the Premier League and Europe.Except for Solskjaer,Leicester City coach Rogers also called for the Premier League to be suspended as soon as possible in front of the media.To curb the development of the epidemic,Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.But whether the Premier League is suspended,Also listen to the British government,The government has been opposed to closing stadiums and canceling matches.It turns out that this is not a smart decision.