The 26th round of the Premier League,Tottenham played away against Aston Villa,Sun XingyunThe wonderful performance of Spurs fans feel that the gods are in general,However, Sun Xingmin also broke his arm in this game,I have to say that the Asian brother really deserves his reputation.Sun Xingmin’s lore on his opponents made the entire Tottenham away fans boil.Witnessed the miracles created by Asians together!

Sun Xingmin

  What happened to Sun Xingyu’s lore?

  The Premier LeagueIn the 26th round,In the ninth minute, Tottenham lost a goal because of an own goal.Alder tied the score in 27 minutes.At the end of the first half,Sun Xingmin personally took a penalty kick,Although there is no penalty,But fortunately, the shot was successful,Tottenham once surpassed the score,In the second half, the Vera Corps battle at home is gradually fierce.Bjorn scored in the 53rd minute,The score becomes 2 to 2,Tottenham was once in trouble,For 10 minutes, Villa bombarded Tottenham’s gates.But in the 92nd minute of the final injury time, Sun Xingmin dribbled the ball and made two shots.The ball hit the goal very fast,In the end, Sun Xingmin killed Vera,Let Tottenham fans feel the gods descended from the earth.

Sun Xingmin injured his opponent,The audience is boiling

  How powerful is Sun Xingyun’s injury to kill opponents?

  The scene of Sun Xingyu scored twice to help the team beat Vera so far has not dissipated.The news after the game surprised the fans even more.Only 30 seconds to startAsia OneFractured in a fight,But he not only dragged his injured arm and kicked the entire field,He also gave Tottenham 3 points with a godlike performance,Really admirable,Looking at the world football,Sun Xingyun kills Vera like this“Mamba Spirit”The blood deeds of is actually extremely rare,Such players really love football,Willing to contribute to football.

Sun Xingyu endured 90 minutes of fracture pain and was still fighting

  Sun Xingmin’s Mamba Spirit of Vera

  Sun Xingmin killed Vera with wounds,I suffered from a broken arm throughout the game,I have to say that this spirit is worth learning for everyone who likes to play football.Shankly has a famous saying:“Football has nothing to do with life and death,Football is higher than life and death”,You can see the horror of the Mamba spirit,The importance of football to players is hardly comparable.I hope that in the future, our Chinese football can have the Mamba spirit like Sun Xingmin’s lore and Villa playing with injuries.