The current Spurs are also very strong in the Premier League team.In this period of the beginning and the middle of the season,Tottenham’s performance was very bad,It was also due to the injuries of Sun Xingmin and Kane in the team.Spurs even ruined the Champions League knockout this season.I have to say that for Tottenham, the situation where no forwards are available is very serious.And it’s worth mentioning thatAfter the superstar in the team recovered,Tottenham rushed to catch up,Score points frequently at the end of the league,Finally won sixth in the Premier League,And entered the Europa League qualifying area.

Spurs are currently deploying for the summer transfer window this season

  Tottenham sign Huiber

  For the summer transfer window this season,In fact, Tottenham have been waiting for a long time,PresentTottenhamThe overall strength is still very strong,But there are still some serious problems with the forwards and midfielders.Tottenham’s Son Xingmin and Kane are very strong forwards.But once injured or unable to compete for other reasons,Tottenham’s attack power will be greatly reduced,I have to say that Tottenham also adjusted this,And Tottenham just signed Huiber,However, this is only the beginning.

Tottenham’s first pick of the season is Southampton’s midfielder Heibel

  Mourinho claimed to be a Titan

  For the signing of Huyber Tottenham’s midfielder, it is bound to be reinforced.Tottenham spent 16.6 million to bring in Southampton’s midfielder Heibel,The 25-year-old midfielder played in 134 games for Southampton,Scored 5 goals,Dedicated 6 assists,Is a defensive midfielder,Occasionally, it can create a lot of wonderful performances,Even Tottenham coach Mourinho claims to have won the Titans.

Mourinho also claimed that Tottenham won a Titan

  Tottenham goals for next season

  At present, Tottenham’s combat power is very strong,The overall level of the team also recovered with the wonderful performance at the end of the season.Tottenham’s goal next season is undoubtedly the Champions League.There is even a chance to hit the glory of the Premier League champion,There is no doubt that there has been no real glory since Mourinho coached Tottenham.But Mourinho was naturally unwilling,Tottenham will have a wonderful performance next season.