News on August 11 recently,Bayern CEO Rummenigge accepted an interview with “Kicker”,Speaking of many players in the Bayern team,And the views on this year’s Champions League.

Neuer vs Ter Stegen

“German national team level,Will feel very lucky,The team has two such excellent goalkeepers.Neuer is a world-class goalkeeper,Ter Stegen is on his way to world class.”


“I respect Messi very much,He has some abilities that no one in this world can match.He can dominate a game by himself,In the Champions League match against Naples last weekend,He proved it.While enjoying the shock that such a player brings us,Also need to observe him a little bit.He is eager to play,Enjoy the fun of football,If you can integrate him into the tactical system correctly,Then your team will be very good.”


“Thiago told us,He wants to challenge something new,If a club contacts us,Make a reasonable offer for Thiago,We will consider conducting transfer negotiations.”


“Like I said before,Coutinho’s contract with the team is about to expire.we will not,Can no longer make such a large-scale investment.”

UEFA Champions League

“This format is like a bomb,For fans,The most exciting is the knockout.A two-round knockout,Often the better party can reach out,With their experience.And a certain victory,Everything is possible.You may eliminate a better team than you,You may also lose to a team worse than you.”

Champions League restructuring

“There are already some ideas.For example, the Champions League semi-finals and finals can be played in the same stadium.Finished in a week.We are already discussing,Discuss the possible reforms of the Champions League in suggestion is,What must we do in the knockouts.I think,We don’t need that long group match schedule,In general,Almost all teams qualify in the fourth or fifth round.In this case,It is impossible to mention the excitement of the audience.We must make smarter decisions,Let the Champions League become more exciting.”

Golden Globe Awards

“I had a phone call with Infantino,For FIFA,The issue of canceling the Golden Globe Awards is being carefully considered.”

Fans return

“I don’t enjoy it now,The fans could not be there to watch the game.We checked and evaluated the Allianz Arena,We have a plan to deal with it,The fans will soon be able to return to the stadium.”