As the new crown pneumonia epidemic around the world is gradually brought under control,The world’s top sports leagues are also in the process of orderly rematches.among themThe Premier LeagueHas also officially rematched on June 18.After the rematch, the game has been in full swing,The exciting game also attracted the attention of football fans all over the world.However, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not completely subsided.Therefore, the risk of infection still exists.This morning, the Premier League announced the results of the tenth round of nucleic acid testing on the official website.One of them was positive,This result makes many people nervous.

Premier League nucleic acid results announced

  What are the results of the latest round of nucleic acid testing in the Premier League

  As the top league in Europe, the Premier League has always been the focus of much attention.Fans have been looking forward to the Premier League rematch.This round of nucleic acid test results announced early this morning is the first test after the Premier League rematch.It is also the result of the 10th round of the Premier League’s overall test,Get extra attention.According to the results announced by the Premier League,A total of 1,829 nucleic acid samples were tested this time,One of them had a positive nucleic acid test result.From the data point of view,The positive ratio of nucleic acid is very low,The data basically met expectations.Although it is stressful,But not to panic.

Premier League insists on public nucleic acid results

  Why the Premier League insists on publishing nucleic acid test results

  The Premier League has carried out multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing before the semi-finals.And they are all completed in a very short time,Publish the test results to the public,But it will not announce who the specific person is.The Premier League official said,The reason why we have insisted on publishing the number of positive and positive nucleic acid test results in the Premier League is to ensure the integrity and transparency of the Premier League.Such an approach can really give people peace of mind.There will be no excessive panic and worry about the spread of the epidemic.Out of consideration for the privacy of positive persons,No specific details will be announced.

The future of the Premier League casts a shadow

  Can the Premier League still go on normally?

  The Premier League has carried out multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing before the semi-finals.The results of each round of testing have also been announced to the public,As a result, according to the data after this rematch,The proportion of positives is very low,Will not have a big impact on the entire league.When a positive person is detected,The related personnel of the club have been isolated for the first time.I thought there would be a big change in the data after the rematch,However, judging from the current results, I am a little worried.I believe that the next Premier League will not be affected or it can proceed smoothly!