The main reason why Ighalo joined Manchester United was that Ighalo was affected by the Chinese Super League epidemic.Temporarily maintain a state where there is no ball to play,And Manchester United has a big problem this season.The problem of midfield and striker keeps Manchester United in the middle of the league.And the appearance of Ighalo can make Manchester United make up for the lack of strikers.This is also an important reason for Manchester United to value Ighalo.

Ighalo in Shanghai Greenland Shenhua

  How did Ighalo join Manchester United

  Ighalo joined Manchester UnitedManchester UnitedThe striker problem and the suspension of the Super League,Let Ighalo join Manchester United as an opportunity to occupy the right time and place.And Ighalo’s wonderful performance after joining Manchester United has also been recognized by Manchester United fans.In the 8 games he played, he scored 4 goals and 1 assist.Even Suo Shuai praised him very much.If Ighalo is 5 years younger,Must be a striker with no less than 80 million euros.

Ighalo scored for Manchester United

  About Ighalo joining Manchester United

  To be precise, Ighalo still belongs to the Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Concession to Manchester United.Because Ighalo’s dream is to play for Manchester United,He himself is very fond of Manchester United,Join Manchester United,His salary is less than 60% of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua’s salary.But he also has no regrets,Actually, who is it?Almost every player has his own holy land in the five major leagues.For Ighalo’s outstanding performance,Manchester United is very likely to buy him out,And he agrees very much.

Ighalo dreams of playing for Manchester United

  What is the impact of Ighalo joining Manchester United

  On the analysis of Manchester United,Sancho and Moussa Dembele are still the top picks for Manchester United’s signings this summer.If any one of these two quotes fails,Manchester United will let Ighalo join Manchester United as a foregone conclusion.And as far as the current situation is concerned,If Ighalo really wants to leave Shenhua,Shenhua will also let Ighalo go,But the Chinese Super League is about to start,The suspension duration of the five major European leagues will not be too short.So this is still a difficult choice for Ighalo himself.