Drogba’s performance in football is very peak,The ten years at Chelsea were called Drogba’s most exciting time.I have to say that Drogba has a world-class performance,This also allows Drogba to have a very high reputation in his country, Ivory Coast.Even after winning the title of Andy Lau in Africa,In fact, Drogba’s status in C?te d’Ivoire is the same as Salah’s status in Egypt.When electing the president, Salah had millions of votes.One can imagine how strong Drogba’s influence in C?te d’Ivoire is!

Drogba and his wife Lara are very affectionate

  Who is Drogba’s wife

  Of course, Drogba’s life is also very happy,Drogba’s wife is Lara,Drogba and his wife have known each other for nearly 25 years,In 1995DrogbaI can’t help myself when I see his wife Lara.I have to say that Drogba has the world’s top performance,After playing for Chelsea, countless tactics dug out Lala,In fact, Drogba’s wife Lara is a very low-key person.Just silently supporting Drogba behind his back.

Drogba and Lara have 3 children

  What is Drogba’s love story

  Drogba and his wife Lala are a beautiful love story.Although there have been some episodes with his wife Lala for so many years,But overall this love is still very sweet,Drogba is now the father of three children,The two officially met in 1999,It didn’t take long for Lara to give birth to a child for Drogba,But the two officially married in 2011,Although I got married very late,But the two are very in love,For marriage,It’s just a form for two people,The Drogba family is also very affectionate.

Drogba and Lara’s love is also as long as 20 years

  About Drogba’s wife

  For Drogba’s wife Lara,Very low-key,While Drogba played for Chelsea,The Chelsea wives at the time undoubtedly had the greatest encouragement to Drogba from Lara.When Drogba was very disappointed, including some hits,Lara is always comforting Drogba,This also allows Drogba to achieve his peak in the future,I have to say that a woman must be standing behind a successful man.