September 22 News Through their own social media,Manchester United star Evra recently released a nearly 20-minute long video.Expressed some of his views on Manchester United, etc.

In the first game of Manchester United’s Premier League last weekend,Manchester United lost to Crystal Palace 1-3 at home,In addition to losing the game,Manchester United is also very weak in signing in this transfer window.

In the video,Evra sat in front of the table with a Manchester United mug,He mentioned that the time of the video was2 AM this Monday,He said he could not sleep,very unhappy,Feeling tired and heartbroken.He drank a cup of green tea,And joked that this is the only thing that I get from Manchester United that makes me happy,Evra subsequently expressed many views on Manchester United.

He mentioned:“every year,We all have such a big impact on social media,But the reality is nothing,This is a feeling of deja vu.The fans must understand,Buying five or six players does not mean that the team can improve.But this is at least the team’s goal,And we don’t do that anymore.”

“If I have an opinion about Woodward,I won’t say on social media,I will call him or exchange my thoughts with him face to face.”

The only problem I want to say to Woodward is that he trusts people he shouldn’t trust,He even trusted people outside the club,This is something he should not trust,This is what I think of him.”

“People like Richard Arnold (Manchester United General Manager) are what makes the team rich.He can bring unimaginable sponsorship to the team,So Manchester United is rich,butWe did not get the corresponding players,Because we sent the wrong player to talk to.”

“Before us,Bobby Charlton, George Best,They made the history of the club,All those who made the history of the club,The generation in 1999 and 2008,We all try to respect them,.Only some people,They want to destroy all the inheritance,For what,business?”

“When we want a player and they spend 20 million pounds,We will eventually buy him for 100 million pounds,Now those players don’t want to ask for our money anymore.”

The sports director of a top football club called me,Let me tell Matthew Judge(Manager of Manchester United signings)Answer his call.”

The club can no longer be arrogant,Now some people in the club don’t even respect Sir Ferguson.”

“Manchester United under Ferguson and David Gill,Nothing about me in the newspaper.Van Persie, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, these players,Everything is fast,When Manchester United needed players,They just talk to the players face to face.”

“But Matthew Judge,They all send lawyers to negotiate.When you send a lawyer,They only talk about those numbers,他们并不是足球世界的人。”



“我为曼联奉献了太多,我知道有些人害怕说出来,因为他们可能将来可能找不到工作,我不在乎,我不需要靠曼联工作,我爱曼联(I don’t need  Manchester United. I love Manchester United。”


最后埃弗拉表示:“United Forever!