September 17 News The Athletic Liverpool’s famous team reporter James Pierce invited the Red Army fans to ask him questions.Pierce also selected some questions to answer.Which involves many Red Army fans concerned about Tiago and Wijnaldum and other topics.

We need to sell people to buy people,Or does Fenway Group sign Thiago at the end of the transfer window?Thiago’s transfer was shelved because of location or funding.Or both?

“For now,There was no negotiation between Liverpool and Bayern regarding Thiago’s transfer fee.The sources on both sides confirmed this.The only person the Red Army had contact with was Thiago’s agent.Why is there no progress in the transfer?First of all, I was told that only if someone left the midfielder,Liverpool will only introduce Thiago.”

“In addition, funding is also an issue,On the surface,30 million pounds is not a lot of money,But Liverpool can sign a contract with him for free in January next year.In addition, he will ask for a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds,And a 3-4 year contract,For a player who is about to turn 30,This is a huge promise.”

“The deal mainly depends on Wijnaldum,And how much money Liverpool can raise through selling.Thiago’s future is not yet clear.Although I really hope to see him at Anfield,But based on the balance of the team,I think signing a central defender and wing attacker is the priority.”

How much does Wijnaldum want?

“I don’t know the exact amount.But when the two sides collapsed last season,I was told that one of the problems was the contract period requested by his agent.And the salary requirement.Wijnaldum is about to turn 30 years old,This contract may also be the last major contract of his career.Although he has recently connected with Barcelona,But the player himself did not give a signal to leave the team this summer.And despite the risk that Wijnaldum may leave the team freely next year,Liverpool did not actively seek to sell it this summer.”

Before the epidemic,Did you expect Liverpool to bring in big-name stars this summer?

“Back in January,I firmly believe that Werner will become a Liverpool player this summer.He really wants to join the Red Army,And Klopp also has a high evaluation of him.But due to the arrival of the epidemic,Liverpool is unlikely to spend 50 million pounds and a high salary to introduce a player who will not directly enter the starting lineup.In addition,The postponement of the Africa Cup also reduced Liverpool’s demand for wingers.Neither Salah nor Mane will miss six weeks in January this season.”

Is Klopp satisfied with the current lineup?

“Ideally,He hopes to bring in one or two new players before the end of the transfer window,But he also accepts the club’s current financial situation,And support only the correct transactions to the team.He has a close relationship with Fenway Group Chairman Gordon,Uncle Zha is not the kind of coach who needs a lot.He worked closely with Gordon and Edwards,Make decisions that are most beneficial to the club together.”

What happened to Harry Wilson and Grujic,Are they leaving or staying?

“Liverpool is open to selling them,But it does not accept rentals,Each of them is worth around 20 million pounds.Many teams have shown interest in the two,But none of the offers reached the asking price of the Red Army.Grujic’s agent said he might be on loan again for Hertha Berlin.This is impossible.Liverpool’s current position is either to sell at the right price,Either it is better to stay in the team at least until the winter window.”

Why has Liverpool been hesitant to sign the central defender?Is there a chance to sign Ben White?

“I would not say that they are hesitant,Because you need to sign the right person at the right price.I think Liverpool must sign a central defender to replace Lovren who left the team.You need four mature central defenders.But we are talking about introducing a rotation player rather than a regular main force.Liverpool spoke highly of Ben White.But it is impossible to introduce him this summer,Brighton has decided to keep him.Godfrey of Norwich is also one of the objects of observation.But he is not cheap.Klopp seemed relaxed with the current situation,When necessary, Fabinho can also serve as a central defender.Simultaneously,Klopp was very impressed with French central defender Billy Koumetio.”

The authenticity of the rumors of Salah and Barcelona?

“0,This is probably the most outrageous rumor I have heard this summer.How much is Salah worth?200 million pounds?Barcelona has encountered financial problems,They can’t even touch the side of this offer.Furthermore, Liverpool will not consider selling Salah,Besides, Barcelona is now in a mess,Going there can only be considered backwards.Sleep at ease,Salah will not go anywhere.”

The rumors of Anderlecht forward Jeremy Doku (Jeremy Doku) are pretty reliable.Any news?

“Liverpool tried to sign him two years ago.He even came to Melwood for a stroll.however,He decided to stay in Anderlecht,It is better to continue to get the first team to play.Liverpool is still observing him,But I have not heard of any plans to sign him at this stage.”

Why not consider signing a second goalkeeper?Adrian’s performance against Atletico last season gave us the worst day.

“Klopp still has faith in Adrian,Replacing him has never been a consideration this summer.indeed,He made mistakes in the FA Cup against Chelsea and the Champions League against Atletico Madrid.But at the beginning of the season when Alisson was injured,He still played very well.I think he is a good second goalkeeper candidate.”

How many teams are interested in Karius?Won’t he stay?

“Liverpool want to get a transfer fee of 6 million pounds from Karius,But no one cares yet.Liverpool hopes to send him away this summer,But the player himself does not seem to be in a hurry to leave.The situation of Karius will affect Kelleher,If Karius did not sell,Then he will become the third goalkeeper in the new season,Kelleher will rent out.If Karius leaves the team,Then Kelleher will become the third goalkeeper.”

Is it true to add buyback to sell Brewster?I can’t believe the club spent so much time training him,But he sold him when he just showed off,Is he not in Klopp’s long-term plan?

“The news I learned is,Liverpool has not yet made a final decision,Whether to keep him or rent or even sell him.Brewster did well in the preseason,Is a good terminator,But Klopp also hopes that he will improve in other areas.”

“At the age of 20, he is eager to get regular playing time.Just like in Swansea last season,But if he stays in Liverpool, he won’t get so much time.I still think that renting out to a Premier League team is the most likely option.Sheffield United, Brighton and Crystal Palace all want him.Liverpool will only sell him if there is a buyback clause.As for the transfer fee, Liverpool may ask for 25 million pounds.But personally,I still hope he is just renting out.”

There is no competition in our defense,Everyone’s position is solid,Can this be one of the reasons why we have lost a lot of goals in the past 10 games?Van Dijk has made more and more mistakes recently,Will these be the factors that make our title unfavorable this year?

“My only worry is that Liverpool failed to sign a central defender to replace Lovren.This is not to say that other central defenders are not good enough.But in this intense season,Injuries can have a big impact,The depth of the lineup is extremely my opinion,Van Dijk, Arnold and Robertson are the best in the world in their respective positions.Van Dijk’s mistakes are nothing more than proof that he is also a human being.Neko Williams and Zimikas are good full-back substitutes.Joe Gomez was not in good shape last week.But he is very talented,He can compete with Matip.In my opinion, the only thing missing on the defense is a mature fourth central defender.”

Why is it also affected by the epidemic,Sleeping berths can only go in and out,And other clubs are spending money,Many teams do not have the resources and income like sleepers?

“Many reasons,First of all, Liverpool’s payroll is higher than that of many Premier League clubs.Secondly, Fenway Group is only operating Liverpool as a business.They don’t draw money from it,But he will not invest money in it.So the income is less,The transfer funds are also less.third,Other teams ranked lower last season,So they need to invest money to give it a try.fourth,Fenway Group just spent 50 million pounds to build a new training ground,And also promised to repair the Anfield stand in 2021,So the money is used elsewhere.”

Since there is no money to sign,Why not try to sign new players on loan and buyout?

“I think the problem is that all clubs want cash to ease financial pressure.I want to introduce players on loan and buyout,Too difficult,Unless it is a team that desperately wants to cut wages.”

There has been no official explanation for Shaqiri’s disappearance.Is he injured?Is there any news about him?

“Thank goodness he is now healthy again,He played a friendly game on Sunday,The past time has been very difficult for him.Since last season,The calf injury bothered him,Many times it was close to comeback but got hurt again.”

“His injury is a pity,Because he is a talented player.Liverpool rejected Sevilla and Rome loan requests in January.Before the epidemic, they also considered selling it for 25 million pounds this summer.But given the impact of the epidemic and his long absence from the battlefield,Such prices are unrealistic.Let’s take a look at what kind of offers Liverpool can get.I tend to keep him,Because he is a surprise soldier on the bench.”