September 22 News Crouch previously published an article in the “Daily Mail” column,He answered questions raised by fans in the article,Crouch talked about Bell and others,He said,After Bale returned to Tottenham, he became happier than before.Although Bell has more Champions League titles than Manchester United,But Bell is still full of hunger.Crouch also said,Manchester United is still very competitive this season,Have the opportunity to compete for the top four positions in the Premier League.

Bell returned to Tottenham before,And you and Bell were teammates at Tottenham,Do you think he can once again show a world-class performance at Tottenham?

“This is a strange feeling,When I saw Bale returned to Tottenham,I’m very excited.”

“When I was still playing for Tottenham,We have a lot of good players,Such as Modric,But Bell was always the best performer in training.But in the game,The situation is different again.”

“We didn’t know why Bell’s performance in training was so different from his performance in the game.”

“But Harry Redknapp knew that Bell lacked confidence when he was left back.So Redknapp moved Bell’s position forward.after that,Everything has changed.”

“I think letting Bell play at left back is like letting Ronaldo play at right back.That’s not the best position for him,And when Bell’s position moved forward,His performance in the game has become as good as his performance in training.”

“I am very happy to see Bale return to Tottenham,I also met him before,I interviewed Bell on behalf of BT Sport.”

“One thing surprised me,That is, Bell has not changed at all,To know,He has won more Champions League trophies than Manchester United clubs.And Bell does not have any financial burden.”

“Bell is still the same as before,His desire to win is still so strong,Still full of hunger as before,I think Bell just wants to be happy again now.”

“And after returning to Tottenham,He became happy,I think he will score a lot of goals for Tottenham again.”

“I think Tottenham’s signing back to Bell is a great deal.They made the right decision,Because in addition to Tottenham,Many clubs were interested in Bell before.”

“I would not say that this is a fairy tale,But Tottenham signed back to Bell to let everyone,Including players, clubs and fans are happy,And I hope that Bell can help Tottenham achieve good results in the future.”

What do you think of Everton’s previous deal to sign Ronaldo?Is Everton a good team now?

“to be frank,I think Everton’s signing of Ronaldo is a great deal.J Luo’s technique is excellent,He played beautifully in the game,In terms of performance in the first two games,I think Ronaldo is a player to watch.”

“The goal that Ronaldo scored against West Brom was perfect.And I also like Lewin, another Everton player,He completed a hat trick against West Brom,I think he is a player with great potential.”

“I believe Lewin can make great progress under Ancelotti,Because Ancelotti is an excellent head coach.”

“Years ago,I participated in a children’s charity foundation contest organized by Beckham,On the night before the game,I communicated with Ancelotti, Sir Ferguson, Terry, Ashley Cole and others.”

“At that time, everyone thought Ancelotti was an excellent head coach.Also a good person,So I can say this,He can lead Everton to success.”

Do you think Manchester United can achieve good results this season?

“This summer,I am very optimistic about Manchester United,But their operations in the transfer market once again puzzled me.They seem to have brought in good players,Such as Van der Beck.”

“But I don’t think Manchester United has a clear signing plan.Because they already have Pogba and Bruno Fernandez in midfield,Why did they bring in Van der Beck?”

“I think Manchester United should seek to bring in defenders and forwards,Like Jimenez of Wolves,of course,I think they shouldn’t be obsessed with seeking to introduce Sancho,Their priority should be to find an excellent central defender partner for Maguire.”

“Sancho is outstanding,But Manchester United’s striker is already great,They own Greenwood, Martial, Rashford,I don’t know how positive the introduction of Sancho can have a positive impact on their offensive firepower.”

“I think compared to spending 100 million pounds to introduce Sancho,Manchester United might as well use the money to strengthen other positions.”

“Manchester United did not perform well in the game against Crystal Palace.But I think Manchester United is not as bad as the outside world said.I think Manchester United can still fight for the top four in the Premier League this season.They are still very competitive.”