September 21st According to a report by James Pearce, a well-known reporter from The Athletic UK in Liverpool,After the speed of light official Xuan Tiago and Jota,A reliable source in Liverpool revealed that before the transfer window closes on October 5th,Liverpool will not have any new aid,The victory against Chelsea made Liverpool very satisfied with the current lineup.

Both the fans and the dressing room were worried about the depth of Liverpool’s lineup.Who will serve as Robertson’s substitute?it’s good now,Greek left back Zimikas came to report,He will be a solid shield behind Robertson.And in the midfield,Thiago’s performance is enough to explain everything,As for the Trident in the frontcourt,The Portuguese Jota is ready.

The Athletic source said,In the selection of wingers,Lille’s Jonathan David joined Ismael Thrall’s list of Watford,The Canadian demon has just joined Lille this summer for 30 million euros.(David served as a double forward at Lille.And he didn’t adapt well at the center position.)

And Pearce once again helped Liverpool fans cut down trees,He said that although Liverpool and Schalke 04’s Turkish defender Kabak are very close,But the source still stated that the negotiation between the two parties has ended,He will not join Liverpool this summer.

Klopp regards Fabinho as his fourth choice in the central defender position.And because of the outstanding performance of the Liverpool youth team’s central defender Billy Koumetio,Will become the fifth person in the central defender position.

Then Pearce blew a bit about Fabinho’s performance against Chelsea,Then began to introduce the financial situation of Liverpool that many people care about.Liverpool paid 27 million pounds for Thiago,The maximum transfer fee for Ruota will be 45 million pounds.This undoubtedly makes many people question whether Liverpool is bluffing.

Similar to the previous statement,Pearce said that the two transfers were paid in installments.And Hevel’s transfer fee can be considered a lot of income.Liverpool is currently trying to get 1,2000-13,000 spectators back to the stadium (despite the closure of Liverpool last week),And they cooperated with Nike on merchandise sales,There is also a certain degree of increase,This is good news for finances.

Finally he said,Players like Brewster, Grujic, Wilson and Shaqiri are all available for sale.But Pearce emphasized that Chamberlain will not leave the team.And the shocking news he broke out was,Wijnaldum will not renew his contract with Liverpool but leave the team on a free transfer next summer.