September 21st A Premier League focus game that ended early this morning,Mane scored twice,Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-0 away,After the game, Klopp was interviewed by the BBC and Sky Sports.

Talk about winning

“This is a very exciting game,Both teams played well,I like our team’s game very much.Chelsea is a top team,We played well in the first half,But no score.”

“Chelsea took the initiative without scoring a goal.We must speed up,The red card at the end of the first half changed the situation on the court.I think there is no problem with that red card,If you have different opinions, I also show respect.This is a good thing for us.Henderson was injured,We are not taking risks.”

“After the red card,The second half was different.We tried to find a way to win the game.We transfer the ball,Let the opponent run,Then scored,Alisson saved a penalty after being awarded a penalty kick.everything is fine,Everyone worked hard for the result,I like the team’s performance in this difficult game.”

Talk about Werner

“Werner is a good player,When he got the ball, there was no real strategy to defend him.But Fabinho played well.If Mane did not score 2 goals,Fabinho will become the best player of the game.”

About goals

“I like these two goals for different reasons,A very good header,Everyone is involved,I really like running in Mane,This is why he can score.”

“The second goal was in return for his pressure on the goalkeeper.I like it too,I like both goals.”

Talk Tiago

We decided to let Thiago last time in advance,Because the second half is an 11vs10 game,Players like him can control the rhythm of the game,Even if you didn’t participate in team training,He is also the most suitable player for this situation.This is a perfect debut for him,His teammates gave him a great help.If Henderson is not injured,That would be perfect.”

“Thiago performed well,Previously played in the Spanish national team,Also training at Bayern,So he is in great shape now,It’s not a problem at all.He needs to adapt to his new teammates.I like his game very much,The defensive end is a bit tricky for him,But on the offensive end,He wants to pass the ball.”

Talk about Alisson

“I talked to him about the rules this morning,If the rules cannot be changed, then you must adapt to them.Maybe you should stand a little later on the door line,Alisson kept moving in front of the door,Jorginho just aimed the ball at the corner and kicked it.That’s a very neat punch point,He worked hard for this.”