September 18th Recently,Bayern player Thiago has always been linked to joining Liverpool.Just now,Thiago updated his Twitter,Post a video,Say goodbye to Bayern.

Thiago wrote:“I will always be grateful to Bayern,Bavaria will always be my home.”In the video,Thiago said:“Yes,I made the hardest decision of my career.My 7-year journey at Bayern is coming to an end.”

“During this time,Joy of victory,There is laughter,There are still hard times.But the thing I am most proud of is,Back then I came to Bayern as a teenager full of dreams,Now I am grateful when I leave,I am grateful to this club with a profound culture.”

“In Bayern,I learned how to love and respect the team’s traditions,I agree with this club,And the history and football philosophy here,The language and culture of the city.It’s time to say goodbye,But i will never forget‘Mia San Mia’.”

“I have experienced many good times in Bayern.In this city,In the club office and the Allianz Arena,The Bayern family has given me a lot of love and care.They treat me well,Give me care all the time.”

“My decision to leave the team was entirely based on competitive considerations.As a football player,I want to accept new challenges to improve myself.Bayern will always be my home.thank you,Bayern.