September 15 News recently,The former Liverpool and Chelsea star Torres was interviewed by the media recently.In the interview, he revealed the reason why he left Liverpool to join Chelsea.In addition, he also talked about his views on Chelsea in the new season.

In 2010, Liverpool signed a huge debt,Team owners George Gillette and Tom Hicks decided to sell the club to Fenway Group.Torres revealed that the unstable financial situation of the team was an important factor in his decision to leave the team.

Torres said:“I had a great time in Liverpool,But when I learned that the team was about to be sold,It is indeed a very difficult situation.”

“At that time the team sold a lot of outstanding players that it had,Mascherano left,Alonso left,Benitez also left.Then they began to introduce some young players,In my opinion, it will take another five or six years to rebuild a successful team.At that time, I thought that the time left for me to win the championship in Liverpool was gone.Before that, I left Atletico to join Liverpool just to win the championship trophy.”

“Sadly,At that time, Liverpool’s bosses lied to me a lot,In the end, I also had to seek my future by myself,At the time I thought Chelsea was a team that would give me a chance to win the championship trophy.”

“When I joined Chelsea,The coach of the team is Ancelotti,I talked to him before joining,But he is not the reason why I decided to join Chelsea.They change coaches every year,And every coach is a big-name coach,I know the difficulties of going to Chelsea,But I think they will give me a chance to win the championship.”

“The failure to adapt to the team quickly after joining Chelsea is my own problem.I did have a very good period at Chelsea,But my state is not stable.In a big club like Chelsea, if your performance in the team is unstable,If you can’t perform well every week, someone will replace you.”

“At that time, I went to a star-studded team in the middle of the season.It is difficult for me to adapt.The connection between me and my teammates on the pitch was not as good as the connection between Gerrard, Mascherano and Alonso when I was in Liverpool.I have been emphasizing that it is my own problem,At that time, I was old enough to actively seek solutions to problems.But I did not do that.”

“Chelsea did not win the Champions League at the time,But in the end we did it.I am very happy to win the championship trophy at Chelsea,This is what I want.I had a great performance there,Although it’s not every week, I play well.So in general, no matter which big club you play in the world,You all need to show steady performance every week.”

In addition,In the interview, Torres also talked about his views on Chelsea this season,

Torres added:“Chelsea is now building a very good and great team,This is not just for this season,It is also for the future of the team.”

“The team is still a young team today,We can also see Lampard manage this young team as well as last season.”

“I don’t know if Chelsea can compete with teams like Manchester City and Liverpool this season.But I think they will be very close,I hope they can compete with Manchester City and Liverpool in the league to the last minute.”

“despite this,I still think Liverpool will be better than Chelsea and Manchester City.”

“In the next two or three years,The Premier League will still be at the top of the World Football League,This will also be an exciting time for the majority of Premier League fans.”