September 21 News Chelsea previously lost to Liverpool 0-2.Kepa made a huge mistake again in the game,After the game,Chris Sutton, a former Chelsea star and now a football commentator, wrote about Kepa in a column in the Daily Mail.Sutton said,Kepa is still proving that he is Chelsea’s worst signing in the Premier League era.Sutton also believes that Kepa should consider going elsewhere to prove his abilities.

Sutton said:“Chelsea previously spent £71.6 million to introduce Kepa,But he never showed a performance that matched his worth,Kepa is further proving that he is Chelsea’s worst signing in the Premier League era.”

“Chelsea spent 10 million pounds to introduce me,And I consider myself a very bad contract,I did not succeed at Chelsea,And after a year,Chelsea sold me to the Celtics for £6 million.”

“Kepa may be the worst signing for Chelsea since I,Although Torres is not a successful signing,But Torres scored a wonderful and crucial goal in the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona.”

“Chelsea spent 30 million pounds to introduce Shevchenko,Although it’s not a great contract,But I think these signings are better than Kepa.”

“Kepa made a mistake for Mane to score a goal.This means,In the past sixteen saves,Kepa lost eleven goals.”

“In the world of football,Players always have a chance to complete the redemption,I was not able to succeed at Chelsea back then,But when I moved to the Celtics,I proved myself.”

“I think Kepa also needs to go elsewhere to prove his abilities,to be frank,Chelsea cannot bring Mendy from Rennes anytime soon,Lampard needs to lead Chelsea to the championship trophy this season.And he will face a lot of pressure.”

“Chelsea is not the kind of team that can afford to do it again.The outside world believes that Chelsea should win the championship trophy this season.Lampard also knows this very well.”

“I must praise Mane’s performance,Although it was Kepa’s mistake,But if Mane acts so hard,He also couldn’t score that goal.”

“Liverpool once again demonstrated their strength,After the last round of victory over Zimbabwe,The Red Army performed very well at Stamford Bridge.”