September 19th Former Chelsea defender Scott Minto recently published an article in his column,He talked about Chelsea in the article.Minto said,Kepa has been unstable since joining Chelsea.And he thinks Kepa will not be able to perform better afterwards.So Chelsea should buy someone to replace Kepa as soon as possible.

Minto mentioned:“The home game against Liverpool will be a good test for Chelsea.Lampard has the opportunity to test the true strength of the team early in the season.Because Liverpool was the Premier League champion last season.”

“Chelsea may not be able to win,But I am optimistic about Chelsea’s draw with Liverpool,Get a point,I think the result of the tie will be positive for both clubs.”

“Because this important game came a bit too early,Now the new season has just started.”

“Chelsea trailed Liverpool by 33 points last season.But they introduced Werner, Zies, Haverts, Thiago Silva and Chilwell before,And I think Chelsea will close the gap between them and Liverpool.”

“Although Chelsea spent a lot of money to introduce players this summer,But most of the money they used came from the transfer fee they received from the previous sale of Hazard.”

“I don’t think Chelsea will be able to win the Premier League this season.Because their new players need time to adapt to the new environment and integrate into the team.”

“We saw Chelsea’s previous performance against Brighton,Haverts was struggling,But I think it’s understandable,And I think Werner will be a key player for Chelsea this season.”

“We will see how Lampard lined up his troops later,I think that would be very interesting,In today’s football,The coach does not want other teams to guess his own tactics.”

“Yes,You can see Guardiola’s previous formation against Lyon,He was a little too smart at the time,But that obviously didn’t work well.”

“The offseason this season is relatively short,The coaches of the various clubs did not have enough time to make plans.”

“I think what Chelsea needs to do now is to introduce a door to replace Kepa in the future.I think Kepa is struggling too much,He had lost the ball again in the previous game against Brighton.And a top goalkeeper will not lose the ball like that.”

“Some players can find their best form after joining a new team for a while,But I think Kepa cannot do this.”

“In the game against Liverpool,Kepa will be tested again,I was a left-back when I was a player,From my perspective,If I have Kepa in my team,As a left back, it will be hard for me to defend Salah.”

“Of course,If Chilwell can participate in the competition,Then Chelsea’s situation will be much better,I respect Alonso’s previous contributions to Chelsea,But if Lampard puts Alonso on the stage,It is difficult for him to defend Liverpool players from the wing.”

“I think the Chelsea defender wants to reduce Salah’s offensive space.If they do,Chelsea’s midfielders can also play more smoothly.”

“Kanter and Jorginho did not play very well on the defensive end of the game.So I think they may not be able to provide much help to Chelsea’s defense.”