September 18 News Recently,Former Tottenham coach Pochettino was interviewed,Analyzed the current football situation,And own future.


“My son is at Tottenham U23,I also live in London.I have communicated with Mourinho,in my opinion,He is a nice uncle.”


“They never offered me an offer to coach Barcelona.I have never met Bartomeu.I did have dinner with Ramon Planes,Because we have a good relationship,Since he joined the Spanish in 2009.”

“It’s ironic to me,I was at Tottenham’s first press conference,When asked about rumors about Barcelona,I answered this question mockingly at the time.This may be cool for some more aggressive Spaniards fans,But I didn’t want to endorse these radical fans.I will not make any excuses for my words,Because no one can question my love for Spaniards.”

Is there a team offer in summer

“Juventus, Paris, Inter Milan,nothing.I have received calls from Monaco and Benfica,I don’t need to lie.”

No coaching at home

“It won’t make me feel overwhelmed,It won’t make me feel pain.Maybe if the next home is not found without the epidemic,I will be a little anxious,The current situation of the epidemic,Just so I can relax.”


“When I coached Southampton,Bell happened to go to Tottenham.When I coached Tottenham,Bell left in front of me.Now Bell.”

Dream of coaching Real Madrid

“I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to coach Real Madrid in the future.Football changes rapidly.but,Coaching Real Madrid is indeed my dream.Real Madrid is not the best club in the world,That is also one of the best.For any coach,It is their dream to coach Real Madrid.”

The team you want to watch

“Leeds United,They played dazzling football;Tottenham,because of love; Liverpool,Because they have many good players.”