September 21st Chelsea previously lost to Liverpool 0-2.Kepa once again made a huge mistake in the game.After the game,Alan Shearer also talked about Kepa’s performance.Hiller said,If Chelsea keep Kepa as the goalkeeper,Then it is impossible for them to win the Premier League championship.Hiller also said,Kepa’s confidence has been destroyed,In order to protect the new aid introduced earlier,After Chelsea, Kepa should not be allowed to continue playing.

Hiller mentioned:“Unfortunately,If Chelsea continue to make Kepa the starting goalkeeper,It is impossible for them to win the Premier League championship,Because I think Kepa has no self-confidence.”

“I feel sorry for Kepa,I’m very surprised that Lampard still let Kepa start the game against Liverpool.In the previous match against Brighton,Kepa could have prevented Chelsea from conceding a goal.He could have saved that ball.”

“to be frank,In order to protect the players introduced by the club before,Chelsea had better not let Kepa come on.”

When talking about Kepa’s mistakes,Hiller said:“Kepa was just about to pass the ball,He had to pass the ball,Because Liverpool’s players have already overwhelmed,Mane performed very well,And I think Kepa’s self-confidence has been completely destroyed.”

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy believes thatLampard not only needs to solve the goalkeeper problem,He also needs to solve the problem of the back line,Murphy said:“I think the two Chelsea central defenders failed to help Kepa,Thiago Silva needs to enter Chelsea’s starting lineup as soon as possible.Because Silva is a true leader.”

“This is about managing the game,If the team’s game philosophy is to pass control,Players must adapt to this tactical play.”

“Liverpool will definitely practice the high-position press tactics in the game,They are one of the best teams in the world.”

“When other teams played against Liverpool,They can kick the ball out,Relax a bit,And when Liverpool’s lineup retreated,The opponent may get some opportunities.”

Murphy also talked about Tottenham star Ali,It was previously reported thatAli may leave Tottenham,Murphy said:“I think,If Ali wants to stay at Tottenham,He needs to change his position.”

“He was used to the 10th position before,But now few clubs in the Premier League have set the number 10 in their tactics.”

“I think Ali needs to learn to assume a new position,His position may need to be retreated,It might be close to the winger,Then he can cut from the side,If Ali still only plays 10th,He may not be able to stay with Tottenham.”

Tottenham coach Mourinho said in an interview before that,He didn’t select Ali into the team’s roster because there were too many players to choose from.And Ali is still in his plan.