September 16th After Arsenal striker Aubameyang announced that he would renew his contract,Teammate Lacazette joked that he could sleep.

Since joining from Dortmund in January 2018,Aubameyang scored 72 goals in 111 games,Become one of the best strikers in European football.

On the afternoon of September 15, British local time,Aubameyang announced his decision to renew his contract in a live broadcast on personal social media.During the live broadcast,Aubameyang connected with the celebrity Ian Wright and teammate Lacazette.

It seems that Aubameyang’s live broadcast is a bit long,After he made the renewal decision,Lacazette said:“I can sleep now.”

When talking about my renewal,Aubameyang said that the dialogue with coach Arteta was the main reason for his decision to stay.

Aubameyang said:“I talked to Arteta,I think he gave me some ideas about the club and my personal future.”

He is very sincere,We are all like this,I like it very much.He says,‘Ok,You can go,I don’t know what your thinking is now,But you can leave and go to other clubs to win trophies,Or you stay here,Leave a legendary story.’

“to me,This is the key.We communicated during the epidemic isolation period.He called me and said,‘I prepared two pages of content to say,Ok,forget it,Let’s talk about real ideas.’

“He says,‘I want to communicate frankly with you,How do you feel now?’I say,‘to be frank,I feel great.’Arteta came to the team for about 2-3 months,In training,You can feel his passion.”

“You can feel everything from him,He is so good,He is the kind of person you can trust.”