September 18th tonight,The first round of the new season Football Association Cup officially started.Xinhua News Agency titled “The Copyright of the Football Association Cup Highlights the New Atmosphere”,Through the broadcast copyright of the Football Association Cup,Comment on the current broadcast market.

The article wrote:

On the 18th,The 2020 Chinese Football Association Cup is staged,This is an important Chinese football match that started after the Chinese Super League, Women’s Super League, and Chinese Premier League.This has also added fire to the market that has become prosperous due to the gradual opening of the stadium.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic,Sports events, especially large-scale sports events rematches, are very difficult.The same is true for the Football Association Cup,It was held after several efforts,Behind it is the hard work of many footballers.As soon as the game starts, it can be broadcast on several media platforms, especially important new media platforms.One reflects the importance of the IP of the event,The second reflects the new atmosphere of media copyright.

The previous media copyright agreement of the Football Association Cup expires in 2019.Because of many factors,This year, the Chinese Football Association did not renew the contract with its previous media copyright partners.Instead, he led negotiations and cooperation with media platforms.In addition to broadcasting the Football Association Cup in the new season on CCTV and many local TV stations,It is also broadcast on platforms such as Youku, Tencent, iQiyi, PP Sports, China Sports Live, Migu Video, China Mobile Mobaihe, China Telecom IPTV and Tianyi Ultra HD.Including head Internet companies,There are two mobile operators, China Mobile and China Telecom, as an increase,Reflect the needs of the market.

Simultaneously,This has also changed the situation in the past where the new media side was exclusively bought out, broadcast and distributed by a broadcast platform.Do your best to reflect the Football Association Cup slogan“Game for all (National Football)”Philosophy,It is the “China Football Reform and Development Overall Plan”“Promote the coordinated development and overall progress of football,Promote national fitness,Enhance people’s physique”Vivid footnotes to the content.

The sports event copyright market returns to rationality,It is one of the biggest trends in the sports industry under the epidemic.PP sports choice and the Premier League let go is its manifestation,Tencent Sports’ hand in hand with the Premier League at a relatively low price is also a manifestation.International sports broadcasting agencies choose to refuse to pay broadcasting fees, directly reduce copyright fees, or reduce the average annual copyright fees by extending the contract period.In this context,How to treat media copyrights rationally also tests the wisdom of every event IP owner.

In the context of the epidemic still spreading globally and de-globalization,How to tap potential internally and respond positively is a problem facing sports practitioners.It is understood thatThe copyright sales of the Football Association Cup not only expanded the broadcast coverage while compressing the schedule,Also achieved revenue growth,It shows that the Chinese football copyright market is not only one way to play.The past is“Hold high”, Pursue selling exclusive high prices,Now facing the new economic situation,You have to respond quickly and bloom more.In addition,The Chinese football copyright market should also be refined,Seek change through innovative copyright content and refined distribution model,For example, the individual distribution of short video copyright, the distribution of archive materials, and the production of creative video content.