September 20th Liverpool announced the joining of Thiago and Jota in the past two days.The Red Army coach Klopp also accepted an interview on the club’s official website.Talking about these two new aids.

Talk about signing Tiago

“This is awesome!I’m really happy that this deal has finally been made,Because many people keep asking us:‘What are you doing?’For such a transfer, you need to deal with all aspects,Just thinking about players like Thiago makes people very happy.Because he can bring us richer choices.Then you make contact with him,Realized that even though I haven’t joined yet,But he liked our plan very much,This is a great place.From a personal perspective, my understanding of him is getting richer and richer,From a player perspective, I knew him a long time ago.I am very happy to be able to introduce such an outstanding person,Not only for football reasons,Also based on other reasons.So I am very happy that he is here.”

Have you talked with him?

“Today we just sent a message,He should participate in training in the afternoon.”

When you were coaching Dortmund,Thiago played for Bayern,Have you been looking forward to signing him one day?

“No,Players like Thiago have a solid position at Bayern.He is usually out of reach for other teams.If Thiago had no intention of leaving,Basically you have no chance to sign him.You can see that Bayern and their main players have long contracts,Given that Thiago has been Bayern’s main player these years,I know Bayern hopes to keep him,This is normal,Because he also played an extremely important role last season.Thiago wanted to accept a new challenge,So he chose us.I see this as a compliment,Because he knows that the Premier League is not easy to play,But he still came,He knows we have a strong lineup,But he still wants to join us.”

“When we talk about all the players,He showed great respect and appreciation.We played against Bayern two years ago,All he understands our strengths and wants to join us.”

“Have you considered him before?I honestly thought about him many times,But he never regarded him as a potential transfer target.”

Thiago just won the Champions League but hopes to join Liverpool.Does this show that Liverpool are now at the top of Europe?

“For teams like us that have been successful in the past two or three years,It’s normal for something like this to happen,This is really great.As for whether it is the top in Europe,We can judge this in the future.But want to write a new chapter,You need new actors,We know this very well,But we will not look for it for a different taste,We just want to find the right person.This is what we have been committed to doing,So I am very happy,Let us write a new chapter together!”

“Therefore, we work hard to win any strong players who can help us,I am very happy,The players are also very happy.But Thiago doesn’t need any special treatment,Yes,He just won the Champions League last season,But the other players already won last season; yes,He was the Bundesliga champion last season,But we are also Premier League champions.It’s not that when he comes, we have to spread the red carpet to welcome him.not like this,He just became a part of the team,Will work hard to achieve success as much as possible.”

You once praised Thiago’s ability at the press conference,How do you think he can help the team?

“He can control the rhythm,He can create space for other teammates.His first touch of the ball was silky,The vision is very broad,The pass is very precise.He has a lot of momentum,Last season he also had more steals and win back possessions.But our style is not the same as Bayern,He still needs some time to adapt,I would not expect him to show these abilities immediately in the first game.This is a long-term project,Our lineup is great,Can give him time.But of course we want to use him on the court,This is very clear,The work begins now.”

The Red Army fans want to know when Thiago will be available.Will there be a chance in the weekend league or next week?

“He will be training this afternoon,As for the competition,Let us see what happens next.I haven’t decided on Sunday’s lineup,I haven’t met Thiago yet.and so,Let’s see how he feels,If he feels good,Then we will find a suitable position for him.”

Talk about why you signed Jota

“OMG,There are too many reasons!He is a player who brings us many options,He is only 23 years old,It’s far from finalized,Full of potential.He has speed,Able to cooperate with teammates,Can also defend and oppress.He gave us a richer choice of different formations,Because he can play any position in the frontcourt of the 4-3-3 formation.If we play four midfielders,Then he can serve as two wings.So these are great things,And he is born with those things in our game,Such as the desire for competition.He is the leader of the new generation in Portugal,There are many excellent players in their generation,It left a very deep impression.So I am very happy to have him,He is a great guy.”

Have you talked with him?

“The conversation went smoothly,I met him and his girlfriend,Both speak good English.He is a great guy,Can fit this lineup well.”

You admire the Wolves and their coach Nuno,Will this help Ruota adapt to the transfer?

“Yes,I admire the Wolves,Their system is very different,But they almost require all offensive players to participate in the back defense.The whole team is doing this.of course,If the tower needs to adapt to some new content,Those things we do differently from Wolves,But he has mastered a lot of things,So I am very excited about this.”

If the tower’s growth space excites you,Do you think he will also enjoy such a challenge?

“He knew that this was an improvement in his career,He can also provide something we are missing.Growth space is not my favorite thing,But he did,He is ready to play for us,I am sure he can make a contribution.At the same time I think the way we play,The way of training and the way we do things will help him.It’s also great to join such an excellent team,Because there are so many outstanding players around,Can make you better.”

He took over Lallana’s No. 20 player,This is an important number

“The 20th is a great number,I believe Lallana will also be very satisfied with this.They are all very good players,Although the styles are different,But they are all good players.They all do a lot of running,At least this number 20 jersey is still for this purpose,It will be sweaty after the game!”