September 17 News Van der Sar, the famous Manchester United star and now the CEO of Ajax, previously accepted an interview on Manchester United’s official website.He talked about Van der Beck again in an interview.Van der Sar said,Van der Beek can serve in various positions in the midfield,He resembles Scholes in some ways.Van der Sar also said,He left many fond memories at Manchester United,He is lucky to be part of Manchester United’s history.

Van der Sar mentioned:“Van der Beek can serve in various positions in the midfield,He can play at No. 6, No. 10 or No. 8.Van der Beck’s technique is great,His shooting skills are also great,of course,His ability to connect teams is also very strong.”

“I will compare Van der Baker with Scholes,Although Van der Beck’s strength is not to complete long shots from 30-40 yards from the goal like Scholes.”

“But Van der Beek also likes to get into the penalty area and score goals for the team.I think he resembles Scholes in this way.Maybe it would be unfair for him to compare him with Scholes now.”

“I believe Van der Beek is a good supplement to Manchester United.He can help Manchester United create more opportunities,I think Van der Beck should have communicated with Solskjaer,Van der Beck should have indicated that he can serve in different positions.”

“He is a very comprehensive player,And he is more suitable for front court activities,I think that’s his favorite position.”

“of course,We all know that Manchester United already has several outstanding midfielders,So I think Van der Beek must find out his position in the team.”

“Top teams usually need to fight on multiple lines,Manchester United needs to participate in the Premier League, the Champions League and various cups in the new season.So the depth of the lineup is very important,I think Manchester United’s current midfield configuration looks pretty good.”

“Van der Beek was trained by the Ajax youth training,He has grown up here step by step,So Ajax will always occupy a place in his heart.”

“You might even have seen Van der Beck as a caddie in a UEFA Champions League game before.For our Ajax players,They may need to work hard in the youth academy for 5-6 years,Then you can get the opportunity.”

“Van der Beck seized his own opportunity at the beginning,Then became a key player of Ajax,He scored many wonderful goals for the team,So he is very popular with fans.”

“Unfortunately,Not all fans have the opportunity to say goodbye to Van der Beek.”

“Only about 100 Ajax fans had the opportunity to say goodbye to Van der Beck before.And we always hope that all fans will get the opportunity to say goodbye to the players.”

“We all know that Ajax is a club that values the development of young players.At this point,Ajax and Manchester United are very similar.”

“When I was still playing for Manchester United,The team has Giggs and Neville,And now Manchester United has outstanding young players like Greenwood, Rashford, McTominay and Brandon Williams.”

“So Manchester United is also a club that values young players very much.And Manchester United has strong economic strength,The team can continue to train a young player,Until he made great achievements.”

“But the intensity of the Eredivisie League is not as high as the five major leagues.So the policy of our club is also different from the policy of the five major league clubs.”

“When we have a good young player,He may play for us for 2-3 years,Win the championship trophy for the team,Scored many goals.”

“Then at some point in the future,We will allow the players to leave,Towards a higher level of league.”

“Our attitude towards players, agents and players’ families is very sincere.We hope that players can find the most suitable development path for him.”

“Then there will be high-level clubs to inspect the players,And want to sign our young players,This is how Ajax works.”

“For us,After losing the best player in the team,We need to reproduce development,The top team can use another top player to replace the player who left before.And this is the difference between Ajax and Manchester United.”

“But on the bright side,After the best player in the team left,We can give the young players in the team more opportunities,Those young players can understand his own position by playing more games.”

“This is how we keep the system working,We definitely wanted to keep De Licht, De Jong, Van der Bek and Ziyesh.”

“Because we also know thatKeeping these outstanding players will allow us to achieve better results in the Champions League.”

“But for their development,I think the club should let them join a higher level team,to be frank,These players also let the outside world know that Ajax’s youth training system is very good.”

“For our fans,They also hope that the club can keep these outstanding players,But after these players left,Fans will start looking for new team heroes,And this is the challenge facing Ajax now.”

Van der Sar played for Manchester United from 2005 to 2011.He had made many great achievements with Manchester United at that time,And Van der Sar said,He could have joined Manchester United earlier,And he also left many fond memories in Manchester United,In this regard,Van der Sar said:“I think I had a chance to join Manchester United earlier,I told Ajax in 1999 that I wanted to leave the team and go elsewhere.”

“But Manchester United might hesitate at the time.So I went to several European clubs.”

“I also went to Liverpool at the time,It was a rainy day,So my mood was not very good at the time,I have also been to Turin,And I was very close to joining Juventus.”

“But then we received a call from Manchester United,They asked me if I was still willing to go,to be frank,It was a bit late,Because I have reached an agreement with Juventus,So in order to comply with the agreement,I finally went to Juventus.”

“But I did not achieve the kind of success I imagined at Juventus.So after playing for Juventus for two years,I chose to leave,I needed to find a next home,Fulham showed interest in me at the time.”

“And I spent four years in Fulham,to be frank,The experience of those four years was also great,I did not expect that I would play for Fulham for that long.”

“Subsequently,I received a voice message from Sir Ferguson,He asked me to call him back,And I think I was really lucky at the time.”

“I have a lot of good memories in Manchester United,We had a very solid back line at the time,The team’s overall lineup is excellent.”

“Rooney and Ronaldo were still in the ascendant stage at the time,Carrick is a very good player,We also own Giggs, Neville and Scholes,to be frank,I was really happy during my years at Manchester United.”

“In some games,I don’t even have much to do,Because the strength of our team is really too strong,But whenever I step on the court,I will be fully prepared.”

“As a team,At that time, the Manchester United team had strength, determination, strength and ambitious goals.No matter who the teammates around us are,I work very well with them,It’s great to be part of Manchester United’s history.”

Dean Henderson returned to Manchester United before,And completed the contract renewal with the club,Due to De Gea’s poor performance last season,Dean Henderson will compete with De Gea for a starting position.In this regard,Van der Sar said:“I think this is a competition that Manchester United has always had.”

“When you were a young player,You will treat the older, good players in your team as your role models,Then you will start training,work hard,I want to grasp the opportunity when it comes.”

“I think when young players get a chance,They need to seize the opportunity,Some young players are very lucky,They may have tasted the taste of winning in the first few games they played on behalf of the team.And also helped the team.”

“But some young players also get into trouble,For example, they did not perform well in the game,The head coach of the team may not continue to give opportunities to those young players.”

When Van der Sar left Manchester United in 2011,De Gea became his successor,In the previous years,De Gea has always been one of the best goalkeepers in the world.Van der Sar thinks Dean Henderson is also very good.He said:“of course,De Gea has always been excellent,When I left Manchester United,When he became the goalkeeper of the team,He is very good.”

“De Gea has won the Player of the Year award many times.He has made a lot of contributions to Manchester United.”

“Solskjaer will inspect the team’s goalkeeper,He will choose a better starter.”

“to be frank,I was very impressed with Dean Henderson’s performance at Sheffield United.De Gea is already very good,Although he made some mistakes,But players make mistakes,I have also made mistakes.”

“I think mistakes should be divided into different sizes,For example, when the team and the opponent are tied 0-0,The goalkeeper was scored by the opponent in stoppage time,Such errors will be magnified.”

“I believe De Gea will still be Manchester United’s starting goalkeeper.Of course,The team’s competition for the goalkeeper position is also fierce.I like to see such competition.”

“I believe that such competition can push Manchester United to a higher level.Help the team get the championship trophy again.”