September 15 News Tottenham lost to Everton 0-1 in the previous first round of the league.Former Tottenham midfielder Janus recently published an article in a BBC column,Janus said,Now this Tottenham looks very lazy,Unable to implement the plan that Mourinho gave them.Janus also said,Spurs always sign up when the transfer window closes.And he thinks it is not worth it for Tottenham to lose points for this.

Janus mentioned:“After Tottenham were defeated by Everton,I was confused and disappointed,Just like every Tottenham fan.”

“Everton did a great job,Especially J Luo,In contrast,Tottenham’s performance was terrible,If Tottenham continue to perform like this,I don’t know what they will achieve in the end,Anyway, this will not be a happy season for the team.”

“I think the Spurs players look very frustrated,They have no direction,I think this is very strange,From my perspective,No matter how well Mourinho’s team performed in the game,They all performed very hard in training,Will do a good job in every detail.”

“But in the game against Everton,Tottenham’s players performed poorly,More worryingly,Tottenham’s players have no understanding at all.It’s like having never played together before.”

“When Tottenham did not perform well before,What I want is:‘Sometimes the team encounters difficulties,But they will be able to regain their status later.’,But I don’t feel that way this time,I think Tottenham may not be able to reverse the situation.”

“Mourinho must have his plan,But I don’t know why,Tottenham players were unable to implement the tactics that Mourinho had set for them.”

“Spurs have no cohesion right now,When they fall behind,They don’t know how to do it,The team loses confidence,to be frank,I only see the negative side of Tottenham now,They have almost no positive side.”

“Mourinho replaced Ali in midfield.I think the substitution is meaningless,Ali did not perform well enough,He hardly created any scoring opportunities in the first half of the game.”

“I know,Tottenham fans definitely hope that the team will immediately introduce a few outstanding players,They think this lineup is not good enough.”

“In fact,I think Dougherty is a very good signing,Huiber also performed well before,For a long time to come,He will play an important role in Tottenham.”

“But when you look at Everton’s newly introduced players,You will find that those players perform much better than Tottenham’s new players,Alan, Ronaldo and Du Cure have just adapted to the new environment after joining Everton.”

“I know this is only the first game of the season,But I think Tottenham are facing a severe situation now,to be frank,I think Everton has a chance to challenge the top four this season.”

“J Luo performed very well,I think he is still a champion player,And that’s what Tottenham lacks right now,After Eriksson left the team,Tottenham lacks creative players,The rhythm of the team’s game has also changed.”

Ronaldo played very well against Tottenham,Almost do whatever you want,Tottenham defender can’t help him

“Tottenham players can’t create opportunities for their strikers,But Ronaldo created many opportunities in the game.He can pass the ball to Richard Lison and Calvert Lewin.”

“When Ronaldo holds the ball,He acted very calmly,And Tottenham left back Ben Davis seems to be unable to take Ronaldo.”

“I think for Everton,J Luo is a very suitable contract,Michael Keane can defend in the backcourt,Alan controls the rhythm in midfield,And Ronaldo is responsible for controlling the rhythm in the frontcourt.Create opportunities.”

“When you look at Tottenham,You will find that they have no rules in the game,Everyone is looking around,They are still pointing at each other.”

Everton has closed the gap between them and the strong team

“Everton’s lineup last season was also very good.But they just can’t win,And they filled such vacancies this summer,Players like Alain and Ducure can help them narrow the gap with the strong team.”

Tottenham always introduces new players towards the end of the transfer window.The team is not worth it because of this

“to be frank,Everton’s signing strategy shows,It’s always good for the team to shoot early in the transfer market.The addition of new players may have a positive impact on the team,And Everton is a good example.”

“Three weeks before the transfer window is over,There is news that Tottenham will also introduce players.”

“But I have always been confused,Why do Spurs always sign up near the end of the transfer window?Yes,That might help the team save some money.”

“But is it really worth signing up until the end of the transfer window?Is it really worth it for Tottenham to lose league points for this?I don’t think it is worth it.”