September 15 News In the first round of the Premier League just ended,Chelsea beat Brighton 3-1 away.After the game, Blues coach Frank Lampard accepted an interview with Sky Sports.

On Rees James’ goal

“This ball made me jump from the bench,We really need this goal,Because we were not in the best condition during that period.James has that kick,When he entered those areas,He can create threats.”

Talk about game performance

“I think we are okay,I really like the attitude of the players.Considering that the players only practiced together for 4 days,It is difficult to cooperate immediately.In this kind of game where we might lose points last season,We showed determination.”

“Although we did not play the ideal football,But we do a lot of more difficult things,Such as resilience and flying block eye-catching,So I am very satisfied with the team.”

“I don’t want to lock the team in a certain formation,We have 3-4 players who want to play at position 10.But I hope the players can be more adaptable.We have a lot of attacking players,I want the team to be more mobile,I want to see that kind of movement.”

“Today we are not at the achievable level,But we will work hard on this.”

Talk about new aid

“I like Haverts,He did not perform at his best in this game.He is under a lot of pressure,But you can still see his ability from some moments.I am all right about him,He will eventually show his level,He is an extraordinary talent.”

“I like Werner’s sudden appearance in different areas of the field,He has a hunger and coldness for goals.The speed at which he won penalties showed his sharpness.He was a threat to his opponent all night,I like his performance very much.He and Kai Kai are important players for the team.”

Talking about competing with Liverpool

“I certainly hope to close the gap with Liverpool,We must have this goal,Although this is a very difficult task.Our latecomers must be down to earth,Step by step,I hope we can make great progress.”

Talk about Kepa

“I am happy for Kepa,I saw confidence in him,He stood there,He is our guardian,I am happy for him.”