September 21st In the just-concluded second round of the Premier League’s focus war,The ten-man Chelsea lost to Liverpool 0-2 at home,After the game, Blues coach Frank Lampard accepted interviews with the BBC and Sky Sports.

Lampard said:“The chances of both sides were similar in the first half,But the red card changed the game,This forced me to make substitutions,And then the game will become very difficult.”

“I think this red card can be given or not,I was a little surprised that at first he gave a yellow card.If he gave the red card directly,Then he can continue to maintain this decision.”

Talk about Kepa’s mistakes

“This is a huge mistake,Obviously it was a mistake.If you look back at the second half of the game,Without this mistake,And if we score a penalty,The score will be 1-1.Compared to last week’s match against Brighton,I was happier in many ways in this game.This is a game full of fighting spirit and quality,Many players showed a good side to me.”

“As a coach,My task is to try my best to give Kepa confidence,The goalkeeper needs confidence,This is an obvious mistake,Kepa himself accepts this.”

Talk about the result of the game

“I want to be able to maintain 11 to 11,Then our performance will be better,I saw the players’ fighting spirit and dedication to defense,Several midfielders did their best.I am very concerned about the team’s protection of the penalty area,We did a great job in the first half,But the red card obviously changed the whole game.”

“These new players either only practiced with us for a month,Or it’s still in the pre-season preparation stage,We still need time.The team’s goals and expectations are high,I saw the fighting spirit and spirit from the players.”