September 17 News Liverpool defender Van Dyke said in an interview with Premier League Productions,For players and teams,Maintaining stability is the hardest thing,But in the new season they will try to do this,Fight to be able to defend the Premier League champion.

In the past two seasons,Liverpool maintains a very good stability,They scored 97 and 99 points respectively.When talking about the stability of the team,Van Dijk said:“In the sport of football,Maintaining stability is the hardest thing to do.I think if I want to maintain a stable state every week,Year after year,It’s a very difficult thing.of course,This is what we want to work hard to achieve.”

“If you look at our performance in the league in the past two seasons,You will find that we are quite stable overall.We can maintain stable performance every week,And always find a way to win,Get good results.of course,In some competitions,We are a better team than our opponents as a whole.”

Maintaining a stable state has made us,Especially last season,Stability helped us win the Premier League championship,This is a very difficult thing.The new season has just played a round,The season is long.So now we don’t think about what it will be like at the end of the season.We only focus on what is happening right now.”

Last season,Liverpool won the Premier League again after 30 years,When talking about the challenges facing the defending Premier League champions,Van Dijk went on to say:“I can only say,We are still preparing for the game as before,This has been the case for the past three years.We only think about the situation at hand,Focus on the present.”

We will try our best to let ourselves only think about the next game,Don’t think about what might happen in the next two or three months.We only focus on the immediate affairs,Try hard to win the game,When playing,Doing our best is our goal.”

“obviously,It must be very difficult to defend the Premier League title.Because as I said before,Maintaining stability is the most difficult thing in a football game.For the players personally,For the whole team,Even more so.and so,Yes,This is for all of us,Are huge challenges,But we are definitely looking forward to it.”