September 15 News recently,Former Manchester United goalkeeper Roy Carroll talked about his struggles with alcoholism and depression.

Carroll played 72 times for Manchester United in 4 years.He said he started drinking after waking up,Because his life has lost control.Carol left Manchester United in 2005,After joining West Ham United, I encountered these problems.He was also unable to play due to serious injuries.

Carol said:“I do the same thing every day,I seem to have gotten into that little hole,But it is getting bigger and bigger.Because i was injured,I didn’t even participate in training,The team let me rest for two months.”

I developed a habit,Get up at 10 or 10:30 every day,And then drink when you wake up,Drinking at lunch,Drink at afternoon tea.When the wife and children came in,I feel very depressed,Because I can’t do anything.That feeling is simply terrible.”

“My wife knows that my condition is very bad,That’s why I started to do rehabilitation therapy for alcohol withdrawal.I don’t even know how bad my condition was at the time.I was drinking,You can think of,The wine that can be placed in front of me,I will drink it all.I don’t care how bad they are,I just want to drink.

I know,If I continue to do this,I might die eventually.At that moment,My mind changed.I have to change myself,Finally I returned to my wife,Begging her to take me home.”

“She didn’t take me back right away,butI haven’t been drinking since then.Until now,It has been 9 years and 11 months.

Although he has been abstaining from alcohol for nearly 10 years,But the former Northern Ireland international revealed thatHe has to face the struggle with the demons every day.Currently,Carol runs his own training camp in his hometown of Northern Ireland.

Carol added:“When I am at home,I can feel that I am back to my previous habit,Because I do nothing during the day.The children are in school,I started tutoring them after 6 o’clock,So I must keep myself active.”

When you have too much free time,You might think too much.And my question is,I don’t think I have a problem.

When asked if he had considered suicide,Carol admitted:“Who knows?I don’t want to think about what it will be like in six months or a year.I’m talking about this now because I want to help,If I can help someone,I will be very happy.”