September 18th A few days ago,Spurs O’Hara talked about the recent rumors that Ali will join Real Madrid in an interview.He said,According to Ali’s current level,Not enough to play for Real Madrid.

O’Hara said:“I don’t think Ali will go to Real Madrid to play,I think his performance is not good enough,Not enough for him to complete a transfer like joining Real Madrid.I think Tottenham will try to find a solution,Let Ali play his best.If Tottenham really brought in Bell,Then they are talking about a top player,If Bell comes,Kane will also be very happy.”

“Ali needs to find his status,You can’t say that he hasn’t done any great things,Because he has also scored 50 Premier League goals.Ali can grow into a good player for Tottenham,He has been mediocre recently,But I still think Tottenham needs Ali,And need to motivate him,Let him play his best.

“Why should we abandon Ali in order to introduce Bell?I am not sure why this is the case.There is a problem between Mourinho and Ali,But i’m not sure what the problem is.Why would you abandon a player?in my opinion,This is still the club’s best player in this position.”

“Tottenham have not yet replaced the vacancy left by Eriksson by buying people.Ali is number 10 now,If Bell comes, he might kick the right side.This means you will have Belvin, Lucas Jr. and Lamela in that position,If you want to purge one person and let Bell come,Why not clean one of them?“

Let’s not get too excited,Don’t think that we will be in the top four after Bell joins Tottenham.The joining of Fee B brought great changes to Manchester United.So the joining of Bell will also have an impact on the team.But let’s not forget about it,A player cannot make Tottenham into the top four.”

“We also need a forward to help Kane,Dell said that there will be games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday every week.So you can’t expect a forward in the team to be in the top four.We also need a fast left back,And a right back.